Gallery: Woods, Ducktails, White Fence, Widowspeak

Saturday night at Bowery Ballroom. This was a really fun show. I arrived early at Bowery (just like I always do) and have to thank Daniel at Force Field PR for getting the list to the door quickly so I could get a spot to shoot. Ran into an old BW colleague that I haven’t seen in a long time and was happy to hear that he’s doing well in his new profession.


The NYC Taper and Co., were also there and it’s always a pleasure to see them. I shot the above photo of Woods from their spot in the balcony. At one point Dan appeared at the stage door – and yes – I have photos but I promised not to post them.

White Fence – I really enjoyed this set – so unexpected (because I don’t always do my research).

Ducktails – Great set but I wish I had a better angle to take photos.

Widowspeak – I regret that I haven’t made it out to see them before but will make sure I do in the future.

Also, a shout of to Nevona – she provided me with a much needed rest spot. I was pretty zonked by the end having met up with friends earlier and then standing for several hours in my flip flops (wearing a camera bag).

To see complete set on Impose click here.


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