You Can’t Go Home Again….Or, Can You? Photos 15-19

I walked the stretch of McDonald Avenue from Elmwood Avenue to Avenue J. These photos are where the old Ave I Flea Market and Bowling Alley used to be and also of Weisman – which seems like it’s closing (so I took a shot) and Patricia’s old doorway where some of us would have out at night. These were suggested by Christine.

UPicture 005

UPicture 008

UPicture 013

UPicture 015

UPicture 021

To see all the photos in the project click here.

3 responses to “You Can’t Go Home Again….Or, Can You? Photos 15-19

  1. It’s just not the same as when we grew up!!! I can’t believe patricia’s door looks that way and the dental place. I haven’t been to Nick & Tony’s in a long time– probably not the same either–especially since they sold it.

  2. I stood on the corner for several minutes because I could not remember if that was her doorway. It’s all familiar but definitely not the same.

  3. I loved Nick & Tony’s. Great memories of those sandwiches!

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