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As always, I turn the camera on myself.





Video: activités agréables – video 12

Dru sews

KiDROCKERS! 10/26/08 at Le Poisson Rouge

What do you do after spending 5 days and nights shooting bands? You shoot 3 more and a bunch of kids in their Halloween costumes. All joking aside, this is my favorite project. And so, I bring you the KiDROCKERS!

Hosted by Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo.
uphotos 771

uphotos 751

uphotos 814
Amy Winehouse

uphotos 813
Ozzy Osborne

uphotos 979

uphotos 816
Casey Shea

uphotos 939

uphotos 1063
Jukebox The Ghost

uphotos 1131

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CMJ 2008 Wrap Up

I enjoyed CMJ quite a bit this year. I think it’s because I was able to spend some time with some pretty spectacular people.

u10.23.08A 127
Press and photographers upstairs at Pianos

Thanks especially to Bryan Bruchman. CMJ wouldn’t have been the same without you!
u10.21.08 282

New finds (they were sooooo good – you need to listen for yourselves):
Wye Oak
The Muslims

I wish I had seen more of this band and found out what they were going to do with all those pedals:
The Depreciation Guild

My favorites (always!)
Pela – They NEVER disappoint. Love these boys 🙂

Drink Up Buttercup – So much energy, so much fun!
Hopewell. Impressive – they played so loud I could hear them through the wall of the venue after I had turned the corner outside – YES!

These are some wonderful people that support Indie Music – check them out!

The Music Slut

Pop Tarts Sucked Toast
Matt from Ear Farm
Obsession Collection
Paolo from The Deli Magazine
Chris from The Battering Room
Jeramiah from StereoactiveNYC
Brooklyn Vegan
DJ Shannon from KEXP
Vince Keng (who takes tons of photos and video – but I cannot locate a web site for him)
Trupin Photography
This Side Up
Bob Sanderson
Serious Business Records
Dovecoat Records

And a special shout out to all the door guys that cracked up at my ziplock bag wallet 🙂

u10.21.08 378

Gallery: CMJ 10/25/08

The last day of CMJ was a blast for me (even though it rained most of the evening).

I began the afternoon at Gothamist House (at The Bell House in Brooklyn). Then off to Cake Shop, Pianos and finally – The Delancey.

zphotos 067
The Depreciation Guild

zphotos 125
Drink Up Buttercup

zphotos 318
The Art of Shooting

zphotos 651
Abigail Warchild

To see complete gallery click here

In the Gallery:
The Muggabears at The Bell House
The Depreciation Guild at The Bell House
Drink Up Buttercup at Cake Shop
The Art of Shooting at The Delancey
Mancino at The Delancey
The Secret Life of Sofia at The Delancey
The Silent Years at The Delancey
Gold Streets at The Delancey
Abigail Warchild at The Delancey

Gallery: CMJ – The Rosebuds, The Ladybug Transistor, Crystal Stilts and Wye Oak

Friday night at The Bell House (in Gowanus) was lots of fun. The crowd went nuts for The Rosebuds. As for me, I loved Wye Oak!

urosebuds10.24.08B 524
The Rosebuds

ulady10.24.08B 164
The Ladybug Transistor

Ucrystal10.24.08B 077
Crystal Stilts

UWyeOak10.24.08B 001
Wye Oak

To see full gallery on Prefix Magazine click here

Gallery: CMJ 10/24/08 Day Show at The Annex

Aaron Thomas is a good friend of two of my very favorite people. I met him on Thursday night down in the depths of the Mercury Lounge and so the next day headed out to The Annex for The Sounds of Spain showcase. Aaron was simply AMAZING!!! Thanks to Bill and Chris for letting me know about this.

u10.24.08A 068
Aaron Thomas

To see full gallery click here

In the Gallery (all at The Annex):
Cuchillo (I really liked them)
Aaron Thomas

Gallery: CMJ – Mercury Lounge 10/23/08 – Pela, Jukebox The Ghost and Frances

Last night I shot my boys for reals… for Prefix Magazine. It was a petty fantastic night and Pela simply exploded onstage and the crowd went wild!

zLRPela10.23.08B 228

To see full gallery click here

In the Gallery (all at Mercury Lounge):
Jukebox The Ghost

Gallery: CMJ 10/23/08 – Day Show

I spent the afternoon in Pianos where I ran into Bryan Bruchman (click here to see Bryan’s CMJ shots) once again. We are both much more weary since we started out on Tuesday. Then I met up with my friend Ces prior to stopping home (yay!) before heading out tonight to see my boys.

u10.23.08A 055
The Muslims

u10.23.08A 154

Click here to see full gallery

In the Gallery (all at Pianos):
Eagle Seagull
The Muslims

Gallery: CMJ 10/22/08

This was a much slower day – only seven bands and most of them were friends. It was good to see so many people in one day! And I finally met the woman who writes Obsession Collection. Check out her site as well 🙂

u10.22.08 065
Drink Up Buttercup

u10.22.08 160
Project Jenny, Project Jan

u10.22.08 276
Change The Station

u10.22.08 366

Click here to see the gallery

In the gallery:
Sister Suvi at Pianos
Drink Up Buttercup at Pianos
Project Jenny, Project Jan at Pianos
Sam Champion at Pianos
Arkadelphia at The Trash Bar
Change The Station at The Trash Bar
Hopewell at Europa

Gallery: CMJ 2008 – Day 1

I think I shot eleven bands on Tuesday. It was a good beginning to CMJ 2008 for me as I met up with my friend Bryan and saw some good bands with him (and some – without him).

u10.21.08 228
Pattern Is Movement

u10.21.08 407
The Unsacred Hearts

u10.21.08 273
Two Man Gentlemen Band

u10.21.08 387
Crowd at Pianos

In the Gallery:

Holy Moly at Pianos
The Shackeltons at Pianos
Secret Life of Sofia at the Cake Shop
Au at Pianos
Bridges and Powerlines at the Cake Shop
Pattern Is Movement at Pianos
Two Man Gentlemen Band at Pianos
Tim Williams at Rehab
Mason Proper at Rehab
The Unsacred Hearts at Pianos
Looker at Pianos

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Site of the Week – Prefix Magazine

Sometimes I shoot for them, they have a pretty comprehensive site – check it out 🙂

Prefix Magazine

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