About Me

Maryanne Ventrice is a photographer based in New York City with an eye for the personal in public performance and the history in the single moment. She believes the camera does not so much frame the individual as fashion an open dialogue, resulting in work that is first and foremost a collaborative effort. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Penthouse, Time Out New York Kids, Random House, Sonic, KEXP.org, Gothamist, The Apiary, Prefix, Impose, Brooklyn Vegan, The Music Slut, The Wild Honey Pie, on other music websites as well as on performers and author’s websites.

She has been the official photographer of the KiDROCKERS series in New York City since 2007. KiDROCKERS produces concerts that feature some of the most engaging and vital artists in indie music and comedy. These all ages shows are designed to bring families together to enjoy new music. Artists perform original (not specifically made for children) songs in a manner that is both authentic and kid-friendly.

RIP DIY, (concert photography) Cloud City, March 2015
Impose 10 Year Anniversary Photo Show, (concert photography) Secret Project Robot, December 2012
120dB (concert photography), Cake Shop, April 2012-June 2012
120dB (concert photography), Fort Useless Gallery, January-March 2012
Delineate (portrait photography), Fort Useless Gallery, January – March 2011
More Guitar In The Monitor (concert photography), Con Artist Gallery, June 2010

Sclera (mixed media), Fort Useless, May-July 2014
Frame of Reference (photography, illustration), Fort Usesless February-May 2014
Translations (travel photography), Fort Useless, May 2013-July 2013
120dB (concert photography), Cake Shop, April 2012-June 2012
120dB (concert photography), Fort Useless Gallery, January-March 2012

5 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi! Great pics. You spoke to me after the show to say you had photos of me and my daughter (in my lap) – which I see in the flikr photos. Thanks so much! If you have any others of us, I’d love to see them. Best, Eve

  2. Hi Eve,

    That was the only one that was usable.

    All the best,

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  4. Hello from New York. I like photography also. I have a few blogs with my photos.

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