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Gallery: Eternal Summers, Reading Rainbow, The Hairs

Last Monday at Glasslands, I went to check out Eternal Summers, Reading Rainbow (both bands have done Kidrockers) an The Hairs. It was a pretty solid line-up. As always, Glasslands presented a challenge with the extreme low light. The bands were great though. I’ve been taking more photos from the upstairs area of Glasslands and enjoy the experience and the results – I might do that more often. It was a pleasure to see Bleary Eyed Brooklyn as well!!

Eternal Summers

Reading Rainbow

The Hairs

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Gallery, New Look, BRAHMS, People at Parties, Young Athletes Leauge

Tuesday 9/13 at Glasslands. It’s always a tough shoot at Glasslands because it’s VERY dark in there. They always book good shows and this was no exception. I really enjoyed New Look and will be sure to check them out again. As always, BRAHMS was a treat – they have added a drummer and it really fills out their sound. People at Parties and Young Athletes League rounded out the line-up.

New Look – Sometimes projection makes shoots difficult…sometimes it makes for interesting light (and really, any light in Glasslands is a better opportunity for a decent shot).

BRAHMS. I love this bottle that Cale has the moxy to hit with a drumstick. It makes a great sound too.

People at Parties

Young Athletes League

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Had a great photo shoot with Emily Epstein today. We started at the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library and ended on Eastern Parkway. I haven’t seen my friend in a while and it was a nice way to catch up with her. Many thanks to Aaron Freedman for letting us use him as a human wall or as Em referred to him – a human jungle gym. Here are a few shots:





This was a fairly short, impromptu shoot with Oberhofer prior to their set at Brooklyn Denim. Brad had some very definite ideas about what he wanted and luckily we were in the right place. How often does one walk into a room and there is a white seamless background waiting for you to use? I enjoyed working with Brad, Pete, Dylan and Matt. It was one of the most relaxed shoots I’ve ever had.

Urban Landscape?


While I was in Prospect Park last week, I spent some time siting on a bench (recovering form the long walk around the park looking for my daughter and her friends). I noticed this shopping cart sitting a bit to the side of a man. The image was interesting to me as it did not fit in with the greenery of the trees surrounding it. Sort of like a pile of trash in serene surroundings.

Gallery: The Dodos, The Luyas at MHOW 9/12/11

It’s become a rare event for me to be out shooting on a Monday night but this bill was worth it. I have not shot either of these bands before and while it was difficult to get decent shots of The Luyas due to the light bulbs they attached to their mike stands the music was pretty wonderful. For The Dodos set, not only did they sound fantastic they had steady white light for the entire set. Love that!!

The Dodos

The Luyas

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Gallery: Pow Wow!, Weird Children, Crazy Pills, El Jezel

Last Saturday night at Cake Shop was like a family reunion – you know just about everyone and haven’t seen them all in one place for awhile. The air conditioner was broken downstairs in the music room and is was one of the sweatiest shows I’ve ever attended. You could feel the change in the atmosphere the moment you started to walk down the stairs.

Pow Wow! was amazing as usual

Weird Children are so energetic and the members of Clouder that lined the front of the stage made for a riotous set.

Special shout out to Jim – one o the few drummers that dance…

This was the first time that I saw Crazy Pills and they had a killer set.

My very dear friends George and Jess along with Dan opened the evening with a rockin’ set that quickly raised the temperature of the room. They are always so good.

Family photos…

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Tattoo Project: Kristin


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Prospect Park

I spent most of my day at Prospect Park visiting with my daughter who was in town with her fraternity at an event. It was really great to see her 🙂 Prospect Park, however, proved to be a labyrinth – I believe I crossed the park both vertically and horizontally before getting out a mere 15 blocks from my subway station….





Book: “Rock She Wrote”


So, I’ve been reading this book (which was recommended to me by Nicole from Eternal Summers). It’s a collection of articles written be women music critics, musicians and the like. Some of it is about what it’s like to exist in the boy’s club of the music business. As journalists, they are allowed access to that club but are always reminded that they don’t quite fit in. It’s an experience I know well – every once in a while I have to put the book down mid-article and go for a walk because their descriptions hit home.

Quite often, I am the only girl in the room – or in the van. There are times when that is truly ok. I have been the only girl in the van while doing a photo shoot (straddling the driver’s seat no less) and that was a blast. I’ve been in the rehearsal studio and sat on the floor between 5 guys — and to this day it’s my favorite “show” of that band. I’m not sure if I was considered one of the boys either time – it didn’t feel that way.

There are other times when it’s a challenge. Sometimes, I have to be one of the boys — I can get better results when shooting a portrait when the guys don’t feel like a woman is taking their photo. Once while shooting a band’s recording session, they devolved into a locker room conversation which was just awful for me to be present for – the only girl in the room (in the entire studio, in fact) standing against a wall with nowhere to go and silently compliant. Recently, I did a photo shoot where the band was literally changing their pants and their manager laughed at me for waiting to enter the room until they were finished. Other times, I am invisible (my only defense) to avoid being treated like “a silly girl – you know how they are”. Being one of the boys is not usually fun – it takes a bit of my humanity away each time but I could not do what I do and have it be any other way.

I’m luckier than some of these ladies as most of the photographers I shoot with on a regular basis are friendly. We only judge the quality of the work not the gender… The photo pit can be an aggressive place but for the most part (with the exception of once being groped in the pit) there is mutual respect for one another.

So, I guess things are getting better but have quite a way to go for those of us that choose to pursue roads more frequently traveled by men. Everyone should check out this book. There’s so much history and perspective in there. It’s interesting to get the different points of view as well – all collected in one place.

Gallery: Brandon Friend & Emet Sosna Opening Reception

After work this evening, I headed out in the rain to check out my friend Brandon’s paintings. I always enjoy being able to view his work as well as have a short visit with him. This evening was no exception, the work is amazing and the company warm. It was good to see Peter and Hans as well.





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Photo: Steven

Last week, a former intern at the new company where I’m working and I headed out to DUMBO for a little photo shoot.
Steven and I only worked together for a few short weeks but as he’s a musician, we got along fairly quickly. It was his first photo shoot ever and my hope was that he walked away with a bit more confidence so he can do this more often in the future – we had a blast. After the shoot I met up with my dear friend Bryan – so it was a a really good evening.