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Video: Cube…

this is where I spend the majority of my days……

Elke’s Birthday

We had a ‘lil celebration for Elke’s birthday 🙂
shot with my blackberry.

3’s of Me


So, here’s another of those Facebook surveys, which, I will, again, answer here. This one was sent by my friend Maria (thanks!)

Three names I go by:
1. Maryanne
2. Mom
3. Mar (but you have to know me a long time before you get to use that one)

Three jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Video Store Clerk
2. Sales Associate
3. Print Production Manager

Three places I’ve lived:
1. Brooklyn – and that’s it.

Three favorite drinks:
1. water
2. red wine
3. unsweetened tea

Three TV shows I watch:
1. Entorauge
2. True Blood
3. Hung

Three Places I’ve been:
1. Paris
2. London
3. Portland (both OR and ME)

Three of my favorite foods:
1. cheese
2. seafood
3. avocado

Three things I’m looking forward to:
1. Seeing friends this summer 🙂
2. Lots of photo shoots in August
3. PELA’s new CD – the release date remains a mystery to me…

Three of my favorite restaurants:
1. Joya
2. Tacocina
3. Penang

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Antarctica
2. Australia
3. Patagonia



Went to brunch today with Elke to celebrate our birthdays. Had some baked eggs and Absinthe – never had Absinthe before – it was in a mixed drink that was very very tasty. Clover Club is located on Smith Street and I highly recommend it!

Gallery: Isabella’s First Birthday!

uIsabella 038

uIsabella 010

uIsabella 069

uIsabella 121

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Kristin’s 19th Birthday

Kristin came to meet me at work.

She had some soft shell tacos at Chipotle.

We went to Magnolia where I shot this very quick and blurry shot of the cupcakes with my blackberry.

She had the banana pudding.

Birthday Girl!

July 24th 1990
July 24, 1990 (photo by Enrique Martinez)

19 years ago, I had this person:

Bronx, NY 1991
(photo by Enrique Martinez)

Brooklyn, NY 1991

xpty 002

I’m hoping she let’s me take a photo of her later on today….

Photos: Last Night…..

Met up with Mr. Bryan Bruchman and friends last night at The Bell House.




blurry photographer #1


blurry photographer #2 (photo by Marta DeLeon)

Gallery: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at The Bell House 7/13/09


All I wanted to know is when were going to start passing the snake….this was a really fun live band to see and was a treat because I had not planned on being there but met Bryan at The Bell House and viola!

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Subway Story 7/21/09

On my way home this evening, the guy seated nest to me kept nodding off and slipping onto my shoulder. He was apologetic and so I really didn’t mind. Then he got off and the guy that was seated in front of me (I was seated by the window in one of those two-seater thingys) moved over to sit next to me… and proceeded to start nodding off and slipping onto my shoulder. I began to think it was me and that somehow I was the unwitting distributor of some sort of sleep aid. Oh, by the way, this all happened before 6pm. New York City must party hard on Monday nights 🙂

You Can’t Go Home Again…Or Can You? Photos 6 and 7

u7.18.09 001

u7.18.09 002

So, apparently, even my own surroundings have changed. When I arrived home from Portland last week, the magnolia tree that has stood in front of the house next door for my entire life was gone…chopped down and roots removed. This was a beautiful tree which only bloomed once a year in spring. Yes, the flowers and leaves made a mess, however, the beauty and perfume of the flowers were well worth it.

Then I went into my backyard for a bar-b-que and saw that that hedges were gone as well! They had run across where you see the fence – in fact, the fence was not visible. The bottom photo also shows what’s left of the magnificent magnolia….

You Can’t Go Home Again…Or Can You? Photos 3, 4, and 5

u7.18.09 021

u7.18.09 024

u7.18.09 015

This is the corner of 65th Street and Bay Parkway, Bishop Kearney High School. I tried to get as much of the surroundings in as possible by using a fish eye lens. These photos were requested by Marlo.