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Reunion Blues


A few months ago, I went to a gathering of former co-workers. It was a fun evening that has produced some bizarre results. One: I met up again with a former co-worker who I didn’t know well previously which I have come to refer to as the maybe-date. I’m not really sure what I was doing there but the interrogation that ensured made me think that I had been applying for a job that I was clearly not qualified for and definitely did not want. This guy not very nice to me. He gave me lost of advice on how to be a successful concert photographer since he did not know any of the bands I shoot (so clearly, I was not very good at what I do) and he was disturbed by the fact that I had never lived in Manhattan (not even for a few months). He also made me pay for my own drink, jokingly saying he thought it cost more than his but he was willing to split the check – such a gentleman. Two: Another former co-worker that was present that evening who I’ve known since my late twenties called me to profess his love for me. This man (who is probably 70 years old) told me that he was crazy about me but there was a problem because he’s happily married and would not want to jeopardize that but had to let me know how he felt and has been calling ever since. I have no romantic interest in him and never thought of him in those terms while I was “holding him at arms distance”. He actually told me that if he had another lifetime he would spend it courting me. Have I mentioned that my mother used to be his assistant? CREEPY… No wonder I have always avoided reunions – revisiting the past is dangerous.

Gallery: Sideshow Goshko 2/23/12

This month’s Sideshow Goshko was at the 92nd Street Y Tribecca and featured, Dave Hill, Jackie Kashian, Chris Gethard and Leslie Goshko. With music by Dr. Michelle-Leona Godin.

Dave Hill opened the evening and regaled us with his story of meeting the most beautiful naked lady ever on MySpace…and in real life.

Jackie Kashain told a very personal story of self development and how she learned to tell the difference between people that truly care for her and those who do not.

Leslie (as always) gave us a wonderful story from her life about her college beau, sending dead animals through the post and how, ultimately, she ‘got the girl’ is a tale of love gone awry.

Chris Gethard terrified us with is story about his visit to a clinic in Carona, Queens to get tested for an STD (which he never had). Damn Lemon Ice to hell!

Michelle Leona-Godin entertained us with her unique ‘sideshow’ tunes.

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Gallery: Fort Useless 2012 Mardi Gras

Saturday night we celebrated our 3rd Mardi Gras at Fort Useless.


Pow Wow!


Weird Children

King of Mardi Gras!



Fort Useless Mardi Gras Combo

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Gallery: James Levy & Allison Pierce

Dropped by the Living Room on Tuesday night to see James Levy & The Blood Red Rose. It was a strong performance and these two have great onstage chemistry.




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Gallery: Kidrockers – The Extraordinaires 2/11/12 World Cafe Live

Headed out to Philadelphia once again for Kidrockers. This installment featured, The Extraordinaires and was hosted by Seth Herzog.


They were a really fun band and although they have never played for children before, were very comfortable and had an excellent performance. I always have a blast with the kids and this month was no exception. Look for us in March at Brooklyn Bowl.

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Gallery: Veronica Falls, Brilliant Colors, Grooms

n my never ending attempt to shoot bands that I have not seen before continues with Veronica Falls at Music Hall of Williamsburg (2/9/12). I arrived early that evening as my cell phone was nearly dead and I would not know what time it was… While waiting I was able to glimpse sound check and have a better strategy for shooting.
Shortly before doors, Amanda arrived. It’s always so much better when I’m shooting with friends. We set up fairly close to stage right which worked but the lighting during Veronica Falls was pretty harsh.


Veronica Falls sounded really great and even though the light was harsh it was a fun shoot. Prior to them hitting the stage, Dominick arrived. It’s always a pleasure to have him next to me while shooting.

Up next was Brilliant Colors, whom I’ve never seen before. They have a nice poppy quality and their front lady shakes her hair which is always fun to shoot.


Grooms opened the night. I really like them and have been shooting them since they were the Muggabears. This was a bit of a subdued performance but the news songs are really good.

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Gallery: Hospitality, Glass Ghost, Dustin Wong at Glasslands

Glasslands is always a tough shoot but that particular evening was a bit harder with the addition of a smoke machine… It was a pleasure to shoot with Dominick and see Dan, Jonas and Patrick.

Hospitality had a fantastic record release party and played to a sold out crowd.

Solid set from Glass Ghost

Dustin Wong was incredible

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Gallery: Smith Westerns, Porcelain Raft, Bleached

January 31st, Wesbster Hall. My first concert shoot of 2012 as I had spent most of January putting together the 120dB show. It was a pleasure to be back out and to shoot with Amanda again. Also, great to run into Mike T. and Kelly.

Smith Westerns – it was my first time seeing them. Such a fun band to shoot and they sounded great as well.

Porcelain Raft – I set up on stage left because Porcelain Raft is difficult to shoot from stage right. Tricky, tricky, he set up opposite that evening… First time I’ve seen him with a drummer and I hope not the last. It was amazing.

Bleached. I had not seen them before – really enjoyed it.

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