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What Lurks Beneath…

u7.25.08 139

I have no explanation for this. I was on my way home from a show and saw these “ladies”. I asked if I could take their photo and they said yes. I love the NYC subway!

Petition to save outdoor concerts in WIlliamsburg/Greenpoint

Hey Ya’ll

So the city decided to go and turn McCarren Park Pool into a swimming pool, we know that our friends and fans around the neighborhood and the city voiced their concerns and we are greatly happy for that, That being said the City’s turning the Pool into a Pool so we need a new space to host concerts, and specifically the Pool Parties.

JELLYNYC went ahead and created this petition so take a look and if you love music and free concerts as much as we do go ahead and give it your (electronic) John Hancock,



Room with a View

So, I’ve finished jury duty. This case was the most difficult of the 3 juries that I have sat on. After 2 days of deliberation, we aquitted. There was just not enough evidence.

I now feel that I can publish the photos that I took with my cell phone out of the bathroom window of the jury room. Why did I take the photos? Because I could. I thought it was ridiculous that I had to voucher my camera last week when EVERYONE has a camera in their cell phone.

And, so, I shot photos with my cell phone.

Here they are:




My Favorite Day of the Year

July 24th 1990

7/24/90 – The day my daughter, Kristin, was born. I can’t beleive that was 18 years ago. At times, it seems like yesterday and at other times feels (correctly) like a lifetime ago.

Here are a few photos of my munchkin:

Brooklyn, NY 1991

circa 1993

Brooklyn, NY ~1995


She has made sure that she will not be at home at all tomorrow (and so, I cannot photograph her – like I did last year…) However, she canot hide from my lens forever!

Jury Duty…


Once again, I have been chosen to sit on a jury. Yesterday was the first day of the trial. It was also the day of my birthday party. So, I have two dozen cupcakes with me s well as my little point and shoot camera.

Going through security, I was allowed to keep the cupcakes with me but had to check the camera (which was not a problem for me). We had a VERY long lunch break and so I walked down to the waterfront to visit one of my favorite places. The waterfall was running and I wanted to take a photo. I used my cell phone camera.

And, then, it occurred to me. Why do they make you check your camera when EVERYONE has a camera in their cell phone – and you get to hold onto those.

New Photo Project

Vegas bar, Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 4/14/07

So, I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t worked on a photo project for a while. There are several reasons – good ones too. However, I am now ready to focus.

I’d like to do a variation on Tools of the Trade. This would include both still photography and some video of YOU doing something that you love doing. These things could be something like, painting, writing, sewing, knitting, dancing, drinking, playing an instrument, telling a story, smoking, flying a kite, bowling…you get the picture.

I’d like this project to go on for a while – perhaps 4 months or so.

So, I’ll be asking you and if you’d like to volunteer (HINT!) let me know and we will set something up.


View from a rooftop in Brooklyn.

Photos of Stanley George at Cake Shop

ustanleygeorge 136
For more photos of Stanley George click HERE

Brendon Stuart

Pela at Bowery Ballroom 8/25/07

My friend,, Brendon, recently graduated from The International Center of Photography. He has just launched his new website, please take a moment to check it out: