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New Website!

Thanks to the ever talented, Bryan Bruchman, I have a new portfolio website!


Photo: Kitty in the Sun

Tanis never lets me photograph him – but – he was loving the sun so much he didn’t move 🙂

z4.26.09 004

Gallery: Chez Bougie

This afternoon, I went to a brand new brunch place in Crown Heights. Chez Bougie offers a unique menu, gracious wait staff, and a friendly clientele. BTW, this was some of the best food I’ve ever had. No joke…EVER!

There was a five course meal but I only took a selection of photos…

u4.26.09 020
“The Bougie Bacon Cheese Burger”
Ground sirloin stuffed with Pancetta and topped with Manchego.

u4.26.09 023
“How about some Salmon Civiche, THATS RIGHT, Salmon!” Er..Civiche
Sashimi Grade Salmon tossed in tomato and Red Onion

u4.26.09 024
“How Bougie? How about White Truffle Talepia-Bougie”
Pan Seared marinated Talepia served on a bed of Baby Spinach.

u4.26.09 027
“You probably shouldn’t have 2 of these, but you’ll want to.”
Vanilla Buttercream Expresso Brownie with white chocolate chips.

u4.26.09 038
“Yes, it’s from scratch” Meringue
Freshly baked Meringues with a Blueberry’s and Whipped Cream

Ninja Chef Elon James White:
u4.26.09 015

u4.26.09 040

u4.26.09 042
One satisfied customer!

u4.26.09 044

Oh, and there was a cute dog there at times:
u4.26.09 012

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Gallery: Leonor’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Spent the day out on North Folk Long Islands visiting wineries and making new friends while we celebrated Leonor’s 40th birthday.

u2.4.09 085

u2.4.09 101

u2.4.09 114

u2.4.09 125

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Photos: bandes dans le studio

I really enjoy visiting bands in their studios and photographing them. It’s always fun to have a private show as well 🙂


Change The Station

And Tonight At Geno’s in Portland, ME
Marie Stella

Photos: In Hand (2)

Some additions to the In Hand series:



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Gallery Annex: More KiDROCKERS photos!

with The Rosebuds, Kiss Kiss, Craig Baldo and Bobby Tisdale at the 92 St Y Tribeca

The Rosebuds

Kiss Kiss

Bobby Tisdale an Craig Baldo

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Gallery: Blackpool

Blackpool at Mercury Lounge 4/19/09
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Gallery: Aluminum Babe

Aluminum Babe at Mercury Lounge 4/19/09

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Gallery: Change The Station 4/19/09

Change The Station rocked the Mercury Lounge (which was so dark last night that I’m surprised that the photos were even visible) last night!


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Gallery: KiDROCKERS 4/19/09

Special Earth Day edition of KiDROCKERS at 92St Y Tribeca.

The Rosebuds

Kiss Kiss

Hosted by Craig Baldo and Bobby Tisdale.

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Photo: Signs of Spring