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2011 Year End Review

2011 was an interesting year. I was unemployed for the first half of the year and although I shot some stuff it was really the second half that I kicked it into high gear. I’ve also seen relationships change as I see with clearer eyes who I should surround myself with. Other news… my daughter turned 21, so, I officially have an adult and not a child. My dear friends, Bill and Eric are finally tasting success. My buddy Bryan moved back to Brooklyn from Maine (yay!). Ces got a book deal and Jeff also found employment. Jess had a photo in Spin’s top 25 photos. oh, and I’m organizing a group photo show for some amazing ladies who shoot along side of me (thanks, Jeremiah). Also shout outs to Amanda, Jessica, Albert, Chris L, Devyn, Tear-n, Abbey, Dominick and all the other photogs that I shoot with.

These are pretty much in chronological order.

John F.O’Donnell & Claudia Cogan – 50 First Jokes. I truly enjoy shooting this each year. I’m not sure it’s going to happen this year as Claudia moved to LA.

Binary Marketing Show at Fort Useless. Love that band. After this show they went on a very long tour – not sure where they are at this point.

Delineate opening party at Fort Useless. A photo of Ces in front of a photo of Ces. It’s very meta.

George Flannagan, hosting Spit Take at Fort Useless. I had to airbrush out a 14 year old kid at the request of his uncle that took him there. Guess he didn’t want to get caught…

We Are Augustines at B61. Bill amazes me.

Mardi Gras at Fort Useless. Such a fun night (Marta, Stephen, Jeremiah).

GunFight at Brain Cave Festival (Shea Stadium). This was a really fun day with some great bands but I really enjoy Gunfight and never get out to see them often enough.

Dylan at his house. Hands down, the best show I’ve seen this year.

Wye Oak at Bowery Ballroom. One of my favorites for several years now, it was wonderful to be at their first headlining show at Bowery. Ended the year seeing them at Rock Shop – perfection.

Night Falls at Fort Useless. My very dear friends George and Jess Flanagan. Fort Useless is an amazing space run by Jeremiah McVay which allows us to showcase our work. Thanks dude.

Sharon Van Etten at McCarren Park – Northside Festival. This is one very talented and genuine ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Thieving Irons at Coco 66. Nate is my very dear friend. Every time I see him perform as a front man, I smile.

Circle Pit (during Ceremony’s performance) at House of Vans. I traversed that pit. It was not fun.

Lower Dens at The South Street Seaport. I love shooting at the Seaport and Lower Dens were really good that night.

Kick Assonance at The Sackett. Fun summer night of Poetry and wine.

Screaming Females at The South Street Seaport. Why do I like this band? Look at the photo…

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists at The South Street Seaport. Not only was this one of the best shows I’ve seen this year – this was the best photo that I took this year.

Four Knots Festival at The South Street Seaport. This was such a fun day. Shot with many of my friends and saw some great bands. At a certain point in time shooting the crowd surfers was more fun than anything else.

Titus Andronicus at Four Knots – South Street Seaport. Patrick Stickles makes me a bit nervous to shoot because things can get a bit dicey but watching him cross the photo pit and go over the fence into the crowd was amazing.

EMA at Glasslands. This was an interesting night. Seeing EMA in that small room was wonderful. Seeing Jess, Albert, Lisa and Sue was equally great. Having my wallet stolen and discovering that while in a cab heading home was awful – really – really – awful. I had a sweet cab driver who searched the back of the cab to see if I had dropped it while I ran upstairs in my house to get some cash to pay him.

Eternal Summers at Beekman Beer Garden. Love this band. My conversation with Nicole after their set and her recommendation of the book, Rock She Wrote, was part of my inspiration to put together the group photo show of women concert photographers that will open at the end of January.

The Raveonettes at Beekman Beer Garden. I had shot their KEXP session a few years ago but never an actual show – so fun and soooooo good.

Girlfriends at Fort Useless. Holy crap, this band is really good.I had never heard of them before but WILL be seeing them again (I hope).

Woods at Bowery Ballroom. I didn’t expect to like this band so much but it was a great show.

Blood Orange at MOMA PS1 Warm-Up. It was a hot day and I left shaking from dehydration but when Blood Orange crossed the divider and went into the audience it was all worth it.

Sideshow Goshko at KGB Bar. I’ve included this photo because there are a few buds in it but I shoot this show every month. Leslie does an amazing job producing it and I’m thrilled to be a part of her team.

Deerhunter at Webster Hall. They are always so good – I will try to shoot them whenever I can. The other part of my inspiration to put together the group show cam that night as a result of a conversation I had with Jess and Albert about the experience of opening night for an exhibit. I knew I needed to make it happen and hopefully, it will be successful for all of us.

Prospect Park. My daughter was in town for a weekend with her fraternity (yes, fraternity). They had some sort of competition going on between fraternities and she asked me to take some photos. It begs the question, will I ever stop taking photos of guys in their early twenties?

BRAHMS at Glasslands. I really enjoyed the music that BRAHMS made and am thankful that they played Kidrockers (Jan 2011). Sadly, they have broken up but it was fun while it lasted. I wish all the best to you guys and thanks for the music.

Emily Epstein. A fun Sunday spent with Em doing some promotional shots. We did an entire series based on her being small. Yet, this one, which was not part of the series, to me, illustrates it best. She looks really little here, doesn’t she?

White Birds at Brooklyn Bowl. James, Farzard, Michael, Chis – 4 of my favorite people – and – the record is beautiful.

Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper. Such a beautiful voice and a lovely lady as well.

The Rosebuds at Bowery Ballroom. I’ve shot this band several times over the years and they’ve done Kidrockers as well. I had no idea that they had gotten divorced. It made the performance more poignant and heartfelt to me (and they’ve always been sincere performers). I wasn’t going to stay for the whole show because I was a bit tired – but – I could not drag myself away.

Zambri at Cameo Gallery. Started my CMJ with this show because I did not want to miss them. I’ve seen them a bunch of times but I really need to shoot them more often – so photogenic and so good.

The Grates at Cake Shop. I love The Grates.Do I need to say anything else?

Clutters at Bowery Poetry Club. I was assigned this show by CMJ and you never know what you’ll get but this band out of Nashville was good and I hope to see them again.

Peelander Z at Bowery Poetry Club – as ridiculous and amazing as it looks. It was fun, fun, fun.

Datarock at The Living Room. Kidrockers had our first official CMJ show this year, we were honored with a terrific performance by Datarock and Cookies.

We Are Augustines at Spike Hill. Why is this band here twice? Because they are my favorites. Also, this was an amazing show. It was totally old school and anyone that ever experienced Pela knows what that means. I was blown away.

Gauntlet Hair at Public Assembly. Liked this band so much I shot them again in December at Mercury Lounge.

Jenna at Knitting Factory. Jenna + CMJ = a very happy Maryanne. Love that I got to hang with my friend.

Crooked Fingers at Mercury Lounge – do I need to explain?

Single White band at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. It’s wonderful to see your already talented friends reveal a different side. Three of these folks are amazing story tellers – damn good musicians as well.

Serica Ux Best band promo shoot–with dogs.

Youth Lagoon at Mercury Lounge. I am addicted to his music – no lie. So, they get 2 photos too.

Pearl an the Beard at World Cafe Live. We do Kidrockers in Philadelphia too. This was such a fun afternoon. Love this band.

The Big Sleep at Mercury Lounge. It was really good to see these guys again. The back light made it tough but they are worth the work.

Suuns at Webster Hall. This band is great, period.

The Antlers at Webster Hall. It was such a pleasure to see them own the stage at Wester. Well done.

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Gallery: Wye Oak, Pattern is Movement

Wye Oak

Wednesday night at The Rock Shop – GREAT show! Had a quick chat with Jenn outside while I was waiting for doors and for Amanda. We were both thrilled that we did not have any door problems. A bit later Dominick showed up as well. What a fun last show shoot of the year. Pattern is Movement was jazzy and amazing. Wye Oak is one of my favorite bands – they melted my face as witnesed by Ms.Sharon Van Etten when I nearly passed her by as she waved me down to say hello (and congrats to her on the year that she’s had!). I love that she stopped me and I was able to hear their cover of Strangers – which they played as their encore.


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Gallery: Oh Land, Friends, Savoir Adore

Monday night (12/12/11) at Bowery Ballroom. I rarely shoot on a Monday night but the prospect of shooting Oh Land,and the very sweet Savior Adore (they are a Kidrockers alumni) was too good to pass up. Such a fun, energetic shoot with a remote control shark at the end of Savior Adore, a Fame style dance number at the end of Friends set and the ever lovely Oh Land.

Oh Land


Savoir Adore

It was really nice to chat with Paul (Savoir Adore) after the show.

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Gallery: The Antlers, Suuns at Webster Hall

12/10/11. This was a fantastic show. I’ve been listening to Suuns for over a year but had never seen them live. I was too tired last year at CMJ when my friends where inside Pianos to see them and I was waiting for one of them so we could go home… I should have gone inside. They were REALLY good and I loved that the opened with Red Song. The Antlers were wonderful (as always). I hadn’t shot them since their CD release at Mercury Lounge. The light at Webster Hall was so much better than that night at Mercury.

The Antlers


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Fort Useless Holiday Party

After The Antlers at Webster Hall, I headed over to Fort Usless for their annual holiday party. The place was jumpin’.



Sorry or the blurry photos – I was pretty out of it by the time I arrived and felt a bit sick when I left – not a drunk sick – an actual feverish sick…

Gallery: Sideshow Goshko 12/9/11


Friday night at KGB Bar. It was such a pleasure to see Kambri Crews – been awhile…
As always a fantastic show put together by Leslie Goshko.

GIULIA ROZZI (MTV, VH1, The Moth). Giulia regaled us with her story on how NYC gets a pass – ALL the time.

KAMBRI CREWS (author “Burn Down the Ground”). Always entertaining, Kambri shared a story from her childhood complete with a stoned horse.


ANDY ROSS (Onion News Network, MAD Magazine). Andy’s story on how to trying to be a good person really doesn’t cut it was touching…

with live music by DR. MICHELLE-LEONA GODIN!

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Gallery: Virgin Forest, Ian O’Neil, Cat Martino, Mason Chambers

Headed out to Williamsburg on Wednesday night to check out the very talented, Cat Martino. I’ve seen Cat perform with Sharon Van Etten and was curious to see her on her own. Wonderful set… I enjoyed Virgin Forest, Ian O’Neil and Mason Chambers as well. Great night.
It was also nice to meet Scott and Angie. Always, a pleasure to see Jonas and Nevona.

Cat Martino

Virgin Forest

Ian O’Neil

Mason Chambers

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Gallery: Jamie Woon, Erilka Spring

Monday night, back at the Mercury Lounge (oh, LED lights, you break my heart). This time for Jamie Woon and Erika Spring

Jamie gave a great performance and I’m glad that I headed out on a Monday night to shoot a show. I also met some lovely people who I chatted with most of the night. It made the evening much more pleasurable because I shared it with them.

Erika Spring did a great job. It seems like yesterday that she was in Dirty on Purpose and was always good to see her with Au Revoir Simone. Performing on her own with a guitar player and drummer was a treat.

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Gallery: Gauntlet Hair, The Big Sleep, Dive

Friday 12/2/11. First I met up with Rick and Katie to see Rick for his birthday (sorry, those photos were too blurry to post). Then I headed off to Mercury Lounge.

Gauntlet Hair was a CMJ favorite for me and this set did not disappoint. I just wish the lighting was better…


It was so wonderful to see The Big Sleep. They’ve played some shows recently but I haven’t been able to make them. The Big Sleep was one of the first bands I shot–way back in 2006. While they kill me with their back light, they sound great.


Dive was really good. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was impressed by them.

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