You Can’t Go Home Again…Or, Can You Photo 14

zHomeAgain 013

This is the entrance to the basement of Saint Rose of Lima church. It’s also the entrance way that we used to get to the rehearsal space for choir on Sunday mornings. Yep, we had choir practice in the basement, in a room right off of the oil burner. I shot this for Tommy – he didn’t ask me too, in fact, he didn’t send me a request…. However, since he’s the only person (other than my cousin) that was in choir with me – I figured it was appropriate for this project.

2 responses to “You Can’t Go Home Again…Or, Can You Photo 14

  1. Don’t forget John Gaito and myself were in the choir with your cus. Many a day and night were spent in there being yelled at by Prof. Carrol Lambert and Father Weber.

  2. I think you guys were only in choir with me for a short time – and then – you graduated. Since Tommy and I were in the same section (soprano) and same grade school class most of my choir memories have him in them. 🙂

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