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Video: activités agréables – video 7

Emily tells us a story about work.

Video: activités agréables – video 6

Elon plays XBox (caution – explicit language)

Video: Elevated Train in Brooklyn

Bees Make Honey

…and hopefully will help treat my allergies. A while ago, my friend, Eric told me that you could help allieve your allergies if you eat local honey. Now, admittedly, this honey is from Connecticut. I’m still hoping that it helps though. And the bees are cool!


Event: Ten Minute Turns at The Living Room

Ten Minute Turns

Pieces of Me


Photography is a difficult pursuit. Rarely do you get to photograph something that someone else hasn’t alreay photographed.

The one subject that each of us has – is ourselves.

Last year, I took a series of photos of various pieces of me. It’s a project that I liked and may continue to add to.

To see the full set click HERE

Video: Pela “Cavalry”

I’m going to republish some videos that I have from time to time. Here’s the first:

I shot this a the After The Jump Festival on North 6th Street in Williamsburg 6/21/08. What a fun afternoon.

For more info about Pela:

To purchase their CD “Anytown Graffiti”

Event: Caithlin De Marrais at Mercury Lounge

Caithlin De Marrais

Site of the Week

Medium Large

Since I’ve stolen this idea from my friend Ces (although he does a ‘site of the day’), I’m starting with his web comic:

Medium Large

Each week, I’ll post a link to a site that I think is interesting. If you have a site for me to check out, send it along 🙂

Book Bill

Books 31

It’s my daughter’s first semester at college and I know that there are better ways to get her books, however, I decided that she could look into those ways next semester and not have to worry about that this one. But – goodness – $870? That’s UNBELIEVABLE (although – it’s honestly not that unbelievable). I just felt the need to complain about it. ok, I’m over it 🙂

Vote For Francesco Marciuliano for Hot Blogger!

Francesco Marciuliano gets the phone call to tell him he’s in the top 5 for the Hot Blogger Calendar
8.25.08 051

I took this photo of Ces in a seedy bathroom. HOT!

Please don’t make Ces cry OR make him cry by voting!


Vote for him, people!

His blog is:


So…Today went well

8.25.08 049

It went so well – that this is the only photo I was able to get and it’s not even downstairs where you get the mamo – it’s upstairs in the breast surgeon’s office. WooHoo! I don’t have to go back for another year!