Gallery: Sideshow Goshko! The August edition

I’ve been shooting Leslie’s show for several months now and enjoy it more with each installment. While there is no set theme the stories must be true This month 3 out of 4 stories were stories from the tellers childhoods. Leslie, the odd woman out, told a story of how she thought of the most inane things while in a life threatening situation. Told with humor, it led to many after show conversations about what we thought in life threatening situations — no one had any profound thoughts during these moments…


Colin’s story was about how one should never really know too much about their childhood heroes, lest their heart be broken by their less than heroic poetry.


Andy told an amazing New York childhood story – I say New York because he described a loyalty that people who grew up in NYC understand well. Ten year old boys have a way of getting into unprecedented mischief and his story was funny and touching. He’s an amazing storyteller and leads you down the path at the right pace.


Adam Wade is a 17 time Moth Grand Slam Champion, so, I have no need to tell you what a tremendous story teller he is. I saw Adam perform one time several years ago at Ochi’s Lounge and he had the same presence. He is funny and sweet and not afraid to show his vulnerability. His story was about his freshman year in high school and the friendship he shared with the bus driver. Later he turned his back on this person as he developed into his teenage self (a fate we all share). Years later he was able to reconnect. The story was flawless and left me tearing up a bit.


Thanks, Leslie for letting me join your little group 🙂


To see complete gallery click here.


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