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Photos: Brooklyn Express Drumline

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Brooklyn Express Drumline
performs on 14th Street (A,C,E line) Subway Station 3/28/09.

Photos: Los Dados 3/28/09

Dinner with friends – – I swear – we had FUN!!!

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x2.4.09 004
x2.4.09 005
x2.4.09 006

Photos: Back To The Hood

Neighborhood reunion 3/28/09 at the Starlite Lounge.

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u2.4.09 062

To see the set on flickr click here

Gallery: Drink Up Buttercup 3/27/09

Drink Up Buttercup @ The Delancey.






To see complete gallery click here

DUB was pretty fantastic last night at The Delancey. I had seen some video of a perfomance of theirs at SXSW and noticed that they seemed more intense than previously – and they are pretty intense to start with. I was happy to see it in person last night!

Also a side note – this is the first show in which I used my new flash unit – I have some more practicing that I need to do – and thank DUB for letting me experiment on them.

Photo: Brand New F Train!

(shot with my blackberry – even though I had all of my camera equipment)

I rode on a brand new train on the F line last night on my wat out and was pretty much pleased with the experience. Apparently they have not worked out the kinks of the new cars…here were some comments:

Brye: I rode one today too! But it was running on the G track.
Dru: I was on one and as we were approaching 47th Street, the train said “next stop W. 8th Street”.
John: Really!!?? But will it run on time?

Well, on the way home I rode one as well. I waited for a LONG time and the train was super crowded – so – it was not as much fun but I’m feeling good that my line has FINALLY gotten some new trains – those yellow and orange seats have seen better days 🙂

Resaurant Week in Brooklyn!

It’s restaurant week in Brooklyn – so get out there!

Also, I’m not shooting anything this week until Friday – anyone up for some dinner?

Marty Spring 2009 ADS.qxd

To see complete list of restaurants click here

Gallery: Isabella’s Baptism

My family. 3/21/09 at St. Rose of Lima (Lower Church).

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u2.4.09 086

u2.4.09 106

u2.4.09 122

u2.4.09 150

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Gallery: Brye and David’s birthday bash

Birthday Ho Down!
David and Brye


For complete gallery click here

Gallery: Sean Donnelly

a small gallery.
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Gallery: Auction 3/17/09


For complete gallery click here

Show: AUCTION!! 3/17/09


Be GREEN with us! 7:30 pm at Ochi’s Lounge beneath Comix

It’s St. Patty’s Day and, if you love theme nights as much as Chris does, you are going to have the kind of St. Patrick’s Day that Auction will be providing. Start the night right and make Auction the last thing you remember doing.

Jamie Lee
Jon Lang
Lisa Levy
Blaine Perry
and more?

Comics love doing this show and it shows for the audience. Check out these raves:

“This is a show I did.” – Tom Shillue

“I talked about obscure David Hasselhoff movies and I got 5 bucks.” – Matt McCarthy

About Auction:
A show that acts as an alternative to the impersonality of Ebay and the seriousness of antiques roadshow. At “AUCTION!” comedians bring hilarious stories along with the objects theyr’e about, and you bring riot gear and a few bucks for the bid wars that follow. Hosts/Auctioneers Chris Sifflet and Kevin Tor and the funniest people in New York want to party with you.

Video: Lady GaGa – Butterface (Poker-Face Parody) by Tor Productions

A week or so ago, I walked into Comix to see my friend Kevin Tor:
x2.4.09 298
wrapping up a video shoot. Here it is: