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Gallery: Lindstrom, JDK & Dave P. at Webster Hall

A very late Friday night party for Lindstrom, JDK and Dave P. The one good thing about the evening was that it was easy to move around through the dancing crowd in order to get shots from both sides of the stage.



JDK & Dave P.

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Photos: Isabella and Julia





Photo Back Story: Dru – Delineate

Dru and I tried to take this photo in the stock room of our day job but could not find a light switch to turn off the overhead lighting so we headed out to the subway and shot this is a dark corner.

Photo Back Story: Joe Garden – Delineate

I went to Joe’s house to shoot some head shots for him. This request came about at the same time that I was thinking of who I wanted to include in the portrait project and had decided to ask him – so – it was meant to be. We shot this in his darkened living room after the head shots were finished.

Photo Back Story: Kristin – Delineate

I shot this photo of my daughter in her bedroom while she was home visiting from school. I was showing her how the ring light worked so she could see the result of the project I was working on. The light hurt her eyes and so I told her to close them – she was also laughing at me because that’s the way with your kid. I feel like you can sense the smile in her expression even though you cannot see it.

Photo Back Story: Elon – Delineate

Elon was the first person that I asked to participate in the Delineate portrait project and he was the last portrait that I shot. I took 3 trains to Elon’s house for the 10 minute session. I asked him to remove his hat since I had to shoot very close to his face, he refuse but cleverly turned his hat backwards to accommodate us both. True to form, he had set up all of his appointments that day as the door bell rang and Baratunde Thurston arrived to interview him for his upcoming project.

Gallery: Bear In Heaven, Blouse, Doldrums at Bowery Ballroom

5/8/12 – Tough shooting night at Bowery with Doldrums playing in virtual darkness and Bear In Heaven’s seizure inducing strobe lights, and, oh yeah, fog. I was so dazed after shooting that I had some difficulty recognizing people after I moved from the front of the stage to shoot a few different angles.

Everyone sounded amazing though (which is actually the important thing).





But here is what is was really like:
Bear In Heaven



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Gallery: Lower Dens, Air Waves, Twisted Wires at Glasslands

Lower Dens was amazing at Glasslands last week. They just get better and better every time I see them. The keyboard right at the head of the stage was a bit tricky though. I enjoyed the sets by Air Waves and Twisted Wires as well.

Lower Dens

Air Waves

Twisted Wires

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Gallery: Field Mouse at The Rock Shop

I was very excited when I found the memory card with the Field Mouse photos from Rock Shop in my camera bag the other afternoon. I really believed that I had lost the card – something that I have never done in all of these years of shooting. Dave Park was kind enough to upload them to the gallery with Polica.

Field Mouse

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Photo Back Story: A Place To Bury Strangers – More Guitar in the Monitor

A Place to Bury Strangers @ Club Europa 1/11/07
This was shot back in 2007 at Europa. At the time I think I only had 2 lenses to shoot with but the light at Europa was good. I was able to crawl over and scrunch down on the ground to shoot this as Oliver was hunched over. When I sent over a link of the photo set to the band, I received a link to an mp3 from Oliver entitled, Mary Ann – it was a song about a lady of that name that broke his heart and I though, yay, he hates me (just kidding).

This shot remains one of my favorite photos to this day and I chose it as the flyer image for my solo concert photo show, More Guitar in the Monitor.

I shot this one seconds later:
A Place to Bury Strangers @ Club Europa 1/11/07

Photo Back Story: Marta – Delineate

I shot this photo in my daughter’s room for my Delineate photo project. As I was shooting inches from Marta’s face, one of my cats, Saqqara, ran up the stairs and sat at her feet meowing loudly. Saqqara loves to be photographed and whenever she hears the click of the camera pretty much demands that I take her photo.

This was the result. Note that I was shooting with a ring light and she still allowed me to shine a bright light in her face as she sat for her portrait.

Gallery: We Were Promised Jetpacks at Bowery Ballroom

Thursday May 3, 2012. I was really looking forward to seeing this band again and they did not disappoint. The only downside to the evening was getting doused in beer from a very drunk girl. She simply poured it out onto the floor because she was too drunk to hold her cup straight.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Breton – I really enjoyed them. The drummer had an interesting style that I was not in posiiton to photograph properly :/

Fort Lean – I didn’t realize that Keenan (Bottle Up And Go) had a new band. They were awesome.

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