Transcript of Interview: Billy McCarthy

So I was wondering I you wanted to talk specifically about any piece of music, that you are recording or have written recently?

I was thinking awhile back that this record – what’s interesting about it is some things happed to me personally and I decided – I wrote a lot – so that – a lot of the songs are coming from a similar place – which would be sort of a theme and I realized that in this – one I decided – I didn’t have the luxury of going back you know to my teen years and pulling out old songs and stuff. It had to all kind of be from where I’m standing right now – just lyrically and stuff and I think that I just decided that after going through the grinder in the industry for a record – I realized that at the en of the day that it’s about you, your instrument, the microphone and people standing in front of you. It has nothing to do with anything other than that and what I decided to do – I’ve always been very honest and I decided just to be honest even to the point where you know maybe I shouldn’t be that honest – but – I think that creates good art. So I went along with that premise through the whole record. Some of it’s pretty intense. There’s more story telling. There’s also way more – a lot of stuff that’s like completely revealing – really transparent. But anyone whose been – ever been great – in the field of expression and art – that’s how they did it – just talked about what they were going through (me – exposure) – exactly – and just and I think that that’s – I think that that’s – another thing happened on kind of a production level – all young bands are going to sound like someone. It’s just inevitable. No note has not been played, no though has not been thought of, like that’s what you’re looking at … put something out when you are young – artists peak. The next step is actually coming into your voice. I’m not interested in taking the first thought that comes if it’s been done. I kind of want to take the second one or maybe the little more abstract one and the more different it sounds the better I feel about it Before it was so critical laying all this money on the line and we just wanted people to – at least understand it if they didn’t like it that was fine but we just wanted it to be like palatable. And I think this one it’s like I think I have enough support I think I have enough uh – strength and I think I have enough security with my band and myself to do it – just completely do something different and I think that people are going to be like wow. It’s a different record it’s literally a different kind of music.

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