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Gallery: Oberhofer, EXITMUSIC, The Suzan at Mercury Lounge

Last Thursday, after seeing my friend Jess play at MoMa, I headed off to Mercury Lounge for Oberhofer’s late show for Spotify. I had a pretty daunting task for the evening as I found myself in the awkward situation of shooting the same show for 2 websites.


People went absolutely wild for Oberhofer. There were even some crowd surfers… It gave me tremendous pleasure to see this reaction to them. In only a short while, I have watched Brad go from a shy performer to ripping up the stage. Pete, Matt and Dylan also lent their talents to the explosive show.


EXITMUSIC was a bit darker than the 2 bands that bookended them. I thoroughly enjoyed their set.

The Suzan

Wow, these ladies were fun – what a great way to start the night. They were so energetic the singer (accidentally) slapped me in the head while lading from a jump 🙂

All in all, a pretty terrific night. Many thanks to Dave, Madalyn and Grace for the press pass. So lovely to meet and hang with Tess, Katie and Genevieve. Always nice to see my friend, Simon.

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Gallery: Deerhunter, Eleanor Friedberger at Webster Hall 8/22/11


On Tuesday afternoon, we felt the after effects of an earthquake that hit Virginia. I was at my day job, the building shook enough that we could see the light fixtures sway. My daughter felt it all the way in Buffalo – scary stuff. However, this did not deter me from heading out to Webster Hall that evening to see Deerhunter and Eleanor Friedberger. Fortunately, I met up with fellow photog, Jess Amaya and her husband Alberto (who is the only guy I’ve ever met that an hold a spot at a concert). There was no photo pit that night – not that the photo pit at Webster Hall is ever all that useful – it barely exists…

So we created a little pit of our own switching spots so we could shoot. Eleanor Friedberger opened the show and was wonderful. Deerhunter was incredible. Head over to NYC Taper to listen to the recordings. I only shot the first few songs and didn’t manage to make it through the set as I was zonked and had to work in the morning.


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Gamelan Dharma Swara 8/25/11

After work on Thursday, I headed up to MoMA to see my friend Jess perform with a traditional and modern Balinese group. She’s done this on and off for many years but it was my first time seeing and hearing it. Of course, I had to shoot a few photos.





Gallery: Solange, Blood Orange, Pictureplane, Grimes

Saturday, 8/20/11 at MoMa PS1 Warm Up. It was a fairly hot day on Saturday but at least I was in the shade. About 15 minutes before the DJ’s opened the show, Devyn showed up with some of her friends – it was good to have some company on the steps. Grimes opened the show with her sweet voice which actually drew a few kids up the stairs to the stage. This is how I got my favorite photo of the day:


I love how she was wiping the bubbles off her arm.


Up next was Pictureplane – This made people crazy. Two women crawled up the steps (drinks in hand) and literally sat between my legs under me while I was standing. I had to move one off of my camera bag (it was easy, she was toasted).

Blood Orange closed the live performances with an emotional, electrifying set. I think I saw Simon walk out of the door adjacent to the stage at this point but it could have been anyone. The traffic that moved past the stage was very distracting. It drove me nuts.


He sang one song with Solange — which was wonderful. We thought she was doing an actual set – she only DJ’d after him — so — this was it

Then he went out into the audience – I love that.

I took some shots of Solange’s DJ set – just because.

Then I started to shake from dehydration. I made my way down the stairs and through the gyrating crowd bouncing off of them and whispering apologies for I barley had a voice…I was so in need of water. There was no way I cross the crowd could wait to buy a ticket only to cross back and pick up the water so I wandered out of PS1 to the deli across the street and drank the precious clear liquid. Then I took the train back to Brooklyn.

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New Photo in the Tattoo Project

This caught my eye on Saturday at MoMA PS1’s Warm Up.


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Gallery: Sideshow Goshko! The August edition

I’ve been shooting Leslie’s show for several months now and enjoy it more with each installment. While there is no set theme the stories must be true This month 3 out of 4 stories were stories from the tellers childhoods. Leslie, the odd woman out, told a story of how she thought of the most inane things while in a life threatening situation. Told with humor, it led to many after show conversations about what we thought in life threatening situations — no one had any profound thoughts during these moments…


Colin’s story was about how one should never really know too much about their childhood heroes, lest their heart be broken by their less than heroic poetry.


Andy told an amazing New York childhood story – I say New York because he described a loyalty that people who grew up in NYC understand well. Ten year old boys have a way of getting into unprecedented mischief and his story was funny and touching. He’s an amazing storyteller and leads you down the path at the right pace.


Adam Wade is a 17 time Moth Grand Slam Champion, so, I have no need to tell you what a tremendous story teller he is. I saw Adam perform one time several years ago at Ochi’s Lounge and he had the same presence. He is funny and sweet and not afraid to show his vulnerability. His story was about his freshman year in high school and the friendship he shared with the bus driver. Later he turned his back on this person as he developed into his teenage self (a fate we all share). Years later he was able to reconnect. The story was flawless and left me tearing up a bit.


Thanks, Leslie for letting me join your little group 🙂


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Gallery: Woods, Ducktails, White Fence, Widowspeak

Saturday night at Bowery Ballroom. This was a really fun show. I arrived early at Bowery (just like I always do) and have to thank Daniel at Force Field PR for getting the list to the door quickly so I could get a spot to shoot. Ran into an old BW colleague that I haven’t seen in a long time and was happy to hear that he’s doing well in his new profession.


The NYC Taper and Co., were also there and it’s always a pleasure to see them. I shot the above photo of Woods from their spot in the balcony. At one point Dan appeared at the stage door – and yes – I have photos but I promised not to post them.

White Fence – I really enjoyed this set – so unexpected (because I don’t always do my research).

Ducktails – Great set but I wish I had a better angle to take photos.

Widowspeak – I regret that I haven’t made it out to see them before but will make sure I do in the future.

Also, a shout of to Nevona – she provided me with a much needed rest spot. I was pretty zonked by the end having met up with friends earlier and then standing for several hours in my flip flops (wearing a camera bag).

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Happy Birthday, Billy


I shot this portrait of Bill last September as part of my Delineate project. I began taking concert shots by photographing Pela and was quickly able to get attention because the bloggers loved that band. I never forget that without them, and Bill in particular, I would not be able to do this today.

Over the years, he has given me so much support. He is my friend, my muse, my favorite. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, William. xo.

*Appropriately, this is my 1000th blog post

Check out Bill’s new band, We Are Augustines

Con Artist Collective

My friends at Con Artist on the LES have a Kickstarter in order to open a new, larger space. Last June, I had my very first photo exhibit there – More Guitar in The Monitor. The folks that run this place really put a lot of time and energy into making the space available to artists of all types and I’m thrilled that they have had so much success they need a larger space.

Please support them if you can!

Also, here are some pics of what has gone on there in the past:

7/10/10 – Neon Sandwich gallery

P:ortraits by Karl Erik Larson gallery

Paintings by Chris Worfold gallery

Once again, I contemplate human nature and friendship


I work with a lot of people in various manners. Often with the same ones over and over. As time passes eventually one reveals themselves. It never ceases to amaze me that their are people that are very good at taking and pretty bad at giving.

The most amazing part is that they have no realization that they are doing it. They actually believe that they are doing you a favor by using you – that it somehow is good for you — that they’ve taken from you. They make it up to you by treating you like crap – like an outsider who shouldn’t encroach on their coolness.

Years ago, I would have thought that I deserved this type of treatment and took it on a regular basis but not these days. It’s not that I feel a need to get even, I just don’t want to be around them and their energy. There are so many other warm, kind people for me to be around and it’s them that I seek out.

Gallery: Mission of Burma, The Labor Pool

This was my last Seaport shoot of the summer. The Seaport shows were a blast to be a part of and I’m looking forward to heading back next year. The folks who run them are some of the best people put there. Plus, I shot many shows with friends which was pretty wonderful. It’s amazing but I don’t necessarily see my fellow photog friends during the colder months – it’s summer that brings us together at outdoor shows. This time, I had friends in the audience as well and it was nice to take a break in the action to chat with them.

Mission of Burma was on fire (and it was a hot day). Such a great performance. I’m glad that I didn’t miss it.

The Labor Pool

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Gallery: Clouder, GIRLFRIENDS, Gospel Gossip

Clouder – to see complete gallery click here.

Fun, fun night at Fort Useless. This was my first shoot with the 7D. It seems a bit heavier than the 50D but it was wonderful to shoot with – more options. The night began with 2 out of town bands which I really enjoyed – especially GIRLFRIENDS. I need to work on getting them to play a Kidrockers show. They would be perfect.

Headlining was Clouder – I always enjoy when performers step out into the audience and Eric Gilstrap is a master. They tore it up….as always.

GIRLFRIENDS – to see complete gallery click here.

Gospel Gossip – to see complete gallery click here.

My evening ended as many nights at the Fort do – with a few of us hanging out until the wee hours of the had been awhile and it was good to be back.