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Gallery: Sideshow Goshko August 2012

ED GAVAGAN (Moth GrandSlam Champion, dapper gent) – Have you ever been in a hot air balloon with Walter Cronkite? Ed Gavagan has and he told us all about it.

CARTER EDWARDS (UCB Theater, author “Knucklebone”, all-around cutie)

LESLIE GOSHKO (Sirius XM, WNYC, Manhattan Monologue Slam Champ) Leslie, I felt every moment of your pain with the ‘day in the life’ of your temp job.

STEVE ZIMMER (Moth GrandSlam Champion, Mr. McHandsome) Great story about getting over on his summer college job.

w/music by DR. LEONA GODIN!

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The Meaning of Life at Fort Useless

Fun Saturday night at Fort Useless among good friends and good music. The Meaning of Life had a fabulous EP release party. I wasn’t actually shooting but here’s a few Hipstamatic photos.

Marta - The Meaning of Life

Nikki - The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

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Gallery: Washed Out, Chairlift, Lemonade at House of Vans

Oh House of Vans, why must you be so sweltering? Great space, nice light, good sound, HOT AS HELL! Washed Out, Charlift and Lemonade gave good performances to a pack house.

Washed Out



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Gallery: The Blakes at The Cutting Room – KEXP


I haven’t shot a KEXP session at The Cutting Room Studios in several years. I was so pleased when I saw an available spot on a Saturday morning. The Blakes were really great guys and the session went well. They also have a Canon 7D and Snow and I had an impromptu discussion/lesson on camera use.


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Gallery: Sigur Ros – Celebrate Brooklyn, Prospect Park

Back in 2006 when I saw the band from very far away, I watched 2 photographers at the stage working. At the time, I wasn’t photographing bands all that much. My one thought was wow, wouldn’t it be something if one day I would be able to shoot Sigur Ros…. On Tuesday night (7/31/12), I walked into the photo pit with my colleagues in Prospect Park. It was a very emotional moment for me and I was a bit nervous that I would blow it, but instinct took over.




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