You Can’t Go Home Again….Or Can You? Photo 1

Glen’s old stoop on East 5th Street. Here’s what he had to say, “The greatest place on earth… My stoop on East 5th street. Some of the fondest days and nights of my life were spent there with family and friends.”

This was the first request that I received for the project an was easy to shoot since all I had to do was walk down my block.

This is the only photo in the gallery at the moment but it will reside here.

2 responses to “You Can’t Go Home Again….Or Can You? Photo 1

  1. Kind of depressing. That’s not the way we left it in 1987. Seems a lot smaller now. It seems impossible to have spent hours a day hanging with friends and family on such an uncomfortable setting.
    The brick face on the steps and the awning over the door are new additions and done in bad taste. Other then that it is nice to visit an old friend. Maybe some things should stay exclusively in your memories. I guess you can go home again… but maybe you shouldn’t. Great job Maryanne!

  2. Memory is a funny thing…. In many ways I feel more removed from my childhood because I have watched the houses on the block change over the years and really have no attachment to them any more – which is why it’s been nice re-connecting with the people that used to live in them.

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