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Gallery: Archers of Loaf, Pipe, Hundred Visions at Bowery Ballroom

4/27/12. Fun night at Bowery. A bunch of my friends showed up shortly after doors — it’s always better to spend the evening with people to talk to between sets. Archers of Loaf were amazing and Pipe was the most fun I’ve had shooting in quite some time (the bruise for catching the mike stand hurts to the touch, but, whatever :))

Archers of Loaf


Hundred Visions

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Gallery: Sideshow Goshko 4/25/12

Once more at KGB Bar….

ERIN BARKER (Moth GrandSlam Champion, The Story Collider) – Erin told us a tale about dating the most popular boy in high school — and how awful it was…

RORY SCHOLL (BTK Band, Chicago City Limits, The Moth) – Rory was once the worst roommate ever (it just happened..really).

LESLIE GOSHKO (Sirius XM, WNYC, Manhattan Monologue Slam Champ) – I cannot believe that I don’t recall Leslie’s story…again. I am a bad friend. So, Leslie, reminded me what her story was. At one time she was a teacher and had her students write plays. Of her 2 favorites, one, whose play was awful did not get to perform his play because the other had some exchanges with other students that made the authorities a bit nervous. Ah, the trial and tribulations of youth.

JEFF SIMMERMON (This American Life, The Moth) – Jeff fell in love with the VERY wrong girl and lived to tell the tale.

w/music by DR. MICHELLE-LEONA GODIN (actress Star of Happiness)

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Gallery: Instagram Photos

A few weeks ago, I traded in my BlackBery for an iPhone and have fallen in love with it. One of my favorite Apps is Instagram (no surprise there). Here are some of those shots.


Earth day
Earth Day 2012

Earth day 2012
Earth Day 2012

She sells sea shells
She Sells Sea Shells

F train riders
F Train Riders

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Gallery: Luff, Clouder, Flying Pace at Cake Shop

Fun, fun Monday night at Cake Shop with Luff’s EP release party, Clouder and Flying Pace (It’s nice to visit the 120dB p
photos upstairs as well).

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Gallery: The Cribs, The Hounds Below, Skaters at Music Hall of WIliamsburg

Friday night at MHOW. Good show with a bit of an unruly crowd that sent me to the side risers after 3 songs from The Cribs.

The Cribs

The Hounds Below – I really enjoyed this band.


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Gallery: Crocodiles, Eternal Summers, Young Boys at Glasslands

Last week at Glasslands, I had the pleasure of seeing 3 really good bands.


I always try to get out and see Eternal Summers when they are in town – they never disappoint.

I really enjoyed Young Boys

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Delineate published on Impose Magazine

From time to time I shoot for Impose Magazine. Recently, they sent out an email looking for other types of photography projects to publish on their website. They were kind enough to publish my Delineate portraits:

Click the link below to check it out:


120dB at Cake Shop Opening Reception


Please join me at the opening reception of 120dB, a group photo show of concert photography at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow Street. NYC) on April 6th from 6-9pm.

The exhibit showcases the work of thirteen female concert photographers prominently featured in Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Prefix, Impose, Village Voice, NPR, House List and many other sites and publications. Participating photographers include: Jessica Amaya • Abbey Braden• Amanda Hatfield • Leia Jospe • Devyn Manibo • Samantha Marble • Gabi Porter • Emily Tan • Tear-n Tan • Maryanne Ventrice • Diana Wong • Dana (distortion) Yavin • Laura Young

About the Exhibit:
120dB. The level of sound intensity at every concert. The level of passion and perseverance echoed back by every one of these photographers. The sheer level of artistic energy and audience engagement that resonates loud and clear in their each and every shot.

About Cake Shop:
Cake Shop is one of New York City’s premier independent music venues for breaking talent. It’s all done seven nights a week, features café comforts and a well-curated vinyl shop upstairs.

Photo: Drink Up Buttercup at Cake Shop

Gallery: Youth Lagoon, Porcelain Raft, Cemeteries

Wednesday night (3/28/12) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. I really love Youth Lagoon – for several months it was all that I listened to. This was a pleasure to shoot as there is light at MHOW. I enjoyed the Mercury Lounge show more, as it is a more intimate venue, but that was a tough shoot.

Youth Lagoon

Porcelain Raft gets better every time I see him (now them…)

Cemeteries – really enjoyed this band –nee to check them out again.

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