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Woman With A Goldfish

Roy Lichenstein

Raquel D’Apice

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‘The White House’ podcast 4/26/08

u4.26.08 163

Join host Elon James White(DC Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Company) along side his White House Cabinet: Desiree Burch (“Alt Comedy Diva” – TIMEOUT NY ), Hassan Madry(Opie and Anthony), Katie Halper (Laughing Liberally, ) and Aaron Freeman (Random Guy) PLUS more, discussing some of the biggest issues in the worlds of Politics, Entertainment and overall Bullshit. The White House is sure to be a crazy time. Hail to the Chief.

I took a few shots during the podcast as well as some portraits in the street following it.

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Cock Lorge – Rise CD Release Party at Pianos 4/18/08

MVphoto 323

MVphoto 073
Cock Lorge

MVphoto 013
Margot Leitman
Giulia Rozzi

MVphoto 062

MVphoto 123
Shayna Ferm and the Upper Deckers

MVphoto 262
Geogia Haege

MVphoto 271

The War Eagles

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I took a day trip to Philly on Thursday to see the Lee Miller exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. While I was there, I also checked out the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Both were wonderful. I especially enjoyed the Lee Miller photos.

Then I spent the day with my wonderful and amazing friend Bree who moved to Philly one week ago. Lucky me 🙂 !

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Sophie Dahl and Colson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead and Sophie Dahl signing their books at Housing Works

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Cock Lorge – Rise CD Release Party

We celebrate the release of “Rise” this Friday at TCIF. Giulia and Margot from Stripped Stories host with special guests Shayna Ferm and The Upper Deckers. Georgia, The War Eagles, Mike, Locksley and other guests will be there too. Friday, April 18th 7:30 -9:00PM at Pianos

Benefit for the Hysterical Festival at Comix 4/14/08

Benefit for The Hysterical Festival at Comix 4/14/08

Carolyn Castiglia

Desiree Burch

Kambri Crews

Heather Lawless

Adira Amram


Mel and El


Bridget Everett


Ophira Eisenberg

Rachel Feinstein


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KiDROCKERS – Sunday 4/13/08 at The Living Room

KiDROCKERS 4/13/08

Rouge Wave

The Epochs


Hosted by:
Seth Herzog

Craig Baldo

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Help My Dear Friend Billy from Pela

A Message from PELA

Hello all,

So we’ve got an update of sorts. All of you will be happy to hear that Billy is on the path to recovery and he has begun physical therapy that will continue for the next 6 weeks.

Now that the dust has settled it brings to light the reality of medical and life expenses. It also outlines the healthcare system and how unforgiving it is.

Billy’s had help from a great organization called MusiCares. While MusicCares are helping where they can, there is a growing amount of bills that cannot be covered. And the fact that only one arm is fully functioning means that Billy has no way to go to work and pay any of these bills that are adding up to thousands and thousands of dollars.

So we’ve decided to set up a PayPal account for donations.

For everyone wondering how they can help, this is the best way we’ve figured out to make that happen. Thanks again to everyone that has been supportive during this time period.



Alina Simone at Joe’s Pub 4/4/08


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The Lisps, Drink Up Buttercup at Union Hall 4/5/08


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There’s No Off Swich On This Thing Tour (this time we really mean it)



Pela‘s rescheduled tour dates:

May 19 2008 8:00P ROCK AND ROLL HOTEL Washington, DC, I’m going to this one!

May 20 2008 8:00P BEACHLAND BALLROOM TAVERN Cleveland, Ohio
May 21 2008 10:00P SCHUBA’S Chicago, Illinois
May 22 2008 10:00P 400 BAR Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 26 2008 8:00P SASQUATCH! MUSIC FESTIVAL Quincy, Washington
May 27 2008 8:00P DOUG FIR Portland, Oregon
May 28 2008 10:00P BOTTOM OF THE HILL San Francisco, California
May 29 2008 8:00P SPACELAND Los Angeles, California
May 31 2008 8:00P LARIMER LOUNGE Denver, Colorado
Jun 2 2008 8:00P THE BLUEBIRD St. Louis, Missouri
Jun 3 2008 8:00P SUN STUDIO SESSION Memphis, Tennessee
Jun 6 2008 10:00P BOWERY BALLROOM New York, New York
Jun 7 2008 10:00P MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS Cambridge, Massachusetts

And here are some additional photos from The Williamsburg Hall of Music:


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