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UNYE 001

2008 was an interesting year for me. It saw the demise of some friendships that were truly sucking the life out of me, the rise of friends success (YAY- Sara, Ces, Elon, Pela, the KiDROCKER crew…and more), the advent of new friendships (Bryan, Mary, Kevin, Chris, Brye – to name a few). There was success for me a well as this photography thing actually became a business for me and I was published several times this year.

I had some friends that went through some rough times (and some are still dealing with the repercussions), but all are mending and on track – I appreciate them and stand by them – sometimes quietly – sometimes noisily – but always – with love.

For EVERYONE – I wish you a Happy New Year – may 2009 bring your dreams closer to reality.

Gallery: Kevin’s Birthday Party

So, I went out to South Amboy, NJ last night for my friend Kevin’s 30th birthday party (Happy Birthday Kevin). I had not traveled out to Jersey before on the train and quite liked the experience. I had a fine time with him, his wife (Loly), their two dogs (Penny and Pokey) and his friends.

zpty 222

zpty 204

zpty 213

zpty 200

zpty 235

While it’s true that I left the party prior to the game of Pictionary Man (what?), I had a fine time. It’s the trip home that I want to make some points about:
1. There were several large moving animals on the track that I can only hope were cats.
2. People drink on those NJ Transit trains…cans in paper bags – no joke.
3. Those same people take those paper bagged cans onto the NY subway. I’ve lived here in NYC all my life and have never…NEVER seen such behavior from my fellow New Yorkers. We drink in the streets where we live, we don’t take it on the subway!

…Perhaps it’s just a symptom of the recession – who can afford to drink in the bars anymore.

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Gallery: Christmas 2008

with my family………..

xpty 002

xpty 008

xpty 069

xpty 118

xpty 183

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Holy Cow! 3.8!

I’m so proud of Kristin – in her very first semester at college earned a 3.8 GPA!
Brooklyn, NY - Christmas ~1994
Kristin (at 4 or 5 years old)

Always A Pleasure – Bands I Keep Shooting Year After Year

These are my tried and true. In no particular order (‘cept that Pela is really my fave).

u6.6.08 290

z5.23.08 179
Change The Station

u8.10.08 418
Cock Lorge

Shayna Ferm

u6.6.08 095
The Big Sleep

u5.16.08 232
Ten Minute Turns

u8.10.08 1158
Francis and The Lights

u10.22.08 122
Project Jenny/Project Jan

z12.5-6.08 356
The Party Faithful

u10.22.08 346

And, I cannot believe that I didn’t photograph Langhorne Slim and Tim Fite this year….Love them!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best this holiday season!

Video: Grinch!

One of my neighbors has this in front of their house – which I pass every evening on my way home. This thing gives me the creeps BIG time.

Photo: Rockefeller Center Tree

in the snow…shot the afternoon of 12/19/08 on my way to the Coach Store. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Gallery: Adult Education 12/17/08

at Union Hall. Adult Education is a monthly series of useless lectures that are quite entertaining, It’s a show that I truly enjoy. This month’s theme was “Misspent Youth” and featured:
“The Original Orgy”
Francesco Marciuliano connects the dots between 151 naked people, six dogs, and one childhood. (His own.)
uAdultEd 038

“Please Don’t Let It Be My Turn Next: Oral Reports From the 1980s”
Andrew Hearst revives several vintage speeches he once delivered in English class, including a celebration of his family’s first personal computer, the legendary Radio Shack TRS-80.
uAdultEd 078

“This Is Eternal Life in Paradise”
Kyria Abrahams, author of the upcoming memoir I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed: Tales From A Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing, welcomes you to your amazing new life after the Great War of Armageddon.
uAdultEd 062

“My Oldest Surviving Mix Tape: A Critical Appraisal”
Erik Seims analyzes his musical choices, life choices, and hair choices from 1986 to 1988, through the prism of stuff he taped off the radio.
uAdultEd 068

Hosted by Charles Star.
uAdultEd 021

*performance synopsis are from

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Reflections 2008: Pets

Often, when I’m visiting friends, I photograph their pets…I also photograph mine quite often. So, here they are:
u4thofJuly 006

11.20.08 029

u4thofJuly 058


This is not actually a pet…this bird landed on the scaffolding that was outside of my office. It just at there and I took some photos with my cell phone.

Christmas Day 2006

ujuly5th 016



Reflections 2008: Moon Shot

I shot this photo from my train station. I really liked the way the full moon looked and how it illuminated the surrounding clouds. Yet, I never thought it would actually work out considering all of the light pollution. I’m was pleased though and used it as the opening shot for a video of the band I was on my way to see that evening.


Galleries: Parties!

Last week I went to two parties a swanky one and a housewarming. Shot with different cameras yet, the light is similar 🙂
There are two separate links (one for each)

u12.5-6.08 040
p12.5-6.08 003
u12.5-6.08 020
p12.5-6.08 012

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u12.5-6.08 009
u12.5-6.08 002
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