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You Can’t Go Home Again….Or, Can You? Photos 15-19

I walked the stretch of McDonald Avenue from Elmwood Avenue to Avenue J. These photos are where the old Ave I Flea Market and Bowling Alley used to be and also of Weisman – which seems like it’s closing (so I took a shot) and Patricia’s old doorway where some of us would have out at night. These were suggested by Christine.

UPicture 005

UPicture 008

UPicture 013

UPicture 015

UPicture 021

To see all the photos in the project click here.

You Can’t Go Home Again…Or Can You? Photos 6 and 7

u7.18.09 001

u7.18.09 002

So, apparently, even my own surroundings have changed. When I arrived home from Portland last week, the magnolia tree that has stood in front of the house next door for my entire life was gone…chopped down and roots removed. This was a beautiful tree which only bloomed once a year in spring. Yes, the flowers and leaves made a mess, however, the beauty and perfume of the flowers were well worth it.

Then I went into my backyard for a bar-b-que and saw that that hedges were gone as well! They had run across where you see the fence – in fact, the fence was not visible. The bottom photo also shows what’s left of the magnificent magnolia….

You Can’t Go Home Again…Or Can You? Photos 3, 4, and 5

u7.18.09 021

u7.18.09 024

u7.18.09 015

This is the corner of 65th Street and Bay Parkway, Bishop Kearney High School. I tried to get as much of the surroundings in as possible by using a fish eye lens. These photos were requested by Marlo.

You Can’t Go Home Again…Or Can You? Photo 2

u7.18.09 008
Bay Parkway

This photo was requested by my friend Maria, “The huge cemetary we walked through every day to get to school. Maria C. and I were flashed there many times Sophmore year!”

You Can’t Go Home Again….Or Can You? Photo 1

Glen’s old stoop on East 5th Street. Here’s what he had to say, “The greatest place on earth… My stoop on East 5th street. Some of the fondest days and nights of my life were spent there with family and friends.”

This was the first request that I received for the project an was easy to shoot since all I had to do was walk down my block.

This is the only photo in the gallery at the moment but it will reside here.