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Upcoming Events! December 2008

I’ve got some friends with shows coming up in December! Check them out if you can 🙂

u10.11.08 001

December 1st:
Tell Your Friends @ Lolita Bar

December 2nd:
Peasant @ Public Assembly

December 4th
Sweet Paprika @ D-Lounge

December 5th:
Thank Cock It’s Friday @ Pianos
O’Death and Wye Oak @ The Bowery Ballroom
Matt Jones @ Think Coffee

December 6th:
Lil Seany Boy Show @ Ochi’s Loung
Family Hour With Auntie Sara @ Ochi’s Lounge
The Party Faithfull @ The Delancey

December 9th:
Auction! @ Ochi’s Lounge
Fish & Chips @ Ochi’s Lounge
December 12th
TAKKA TAKKA and also ALINA SIMONE @ The Bell House
Locksley (with Ray Davies!) @ The Hammerstein Ballroom

December 13th:
Drink Up Buttercup @ Cake Shop

December 14th:
Drink Up Buttercup @ Union Hall

December 17th:
Adult Education @ Union Hall CES IS ON THIS SHOW!!!!
Up The Empire @ Mercury Lounge

December 19th:
Project Jenny/Project Jan @ JezebelMusic Annual Benefit Show – Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Party ’til you drop!
u9.5.08 498

If I have forgotten anyone – forgive me – you know I love you but am old and forgetful 😦

Gallery: CMJ 10/25/08

The last day of CMJ was a blast for me (even though it rained most of the evening).

I began the afternoon at Gothamist House (at The Bell House in Brooklyn). Then off to Cake Shop, Pianos and finally – The Delancey.

zphotos 067
The Depreciation Guild

zphotos 125
Drink Up Buttercup

zphotos 318
The Art of Shooting

zphotos 651
Abigail Warchild

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In the Gallery:
The Muggabears at The Bell House
The Depreciation Guild at The Bell House
Drink Up Buttercup at Cake Shop
The Art of Shooting at The Delancey
Mancino at The Delancey
The Secret Life of Sofia at The Delancey
The Silent Years at The Delancey
Gold Streets at The Delancey
Abigail Warchild at The Delancey

Gallery: CMJ – The Rosebuds, The Ladybug Transistor, Crystal Stilts and Wye Oak

Friday night at The Bell House (in Gowanus) was lots of fun. The crowd went nuts for The Rosebuds. As for me, I loved Wye Oak!

urosebuds10.24.08B 524
The Rosebuds

ulady10.24.08B 164
The Ladybug Transistor

Ucrystal10.24.08B 077
Crystal Stilts

UWyeOak10.24.08B 001
Wye Oak

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Gallery: Liam Finn and The Veils at The Bell House 10/11/08

u10.11.08 459
An amazing finale with both bands onstage!

Liam Finn:
u10.11.08 208
To see complete set of photos from Liam Finn click here

The Veils:
u10.11.08 072
To see the complete set of photos of The Veils click here

It was an interesting evening. The bands were great and still full of energy as this was the end of their tour.
Unfortunately, I witnessed a very ugly exchange between some concertgoers last night. Some were drunk some were not. In between sets there was a shift in audience (as usual) and some pushing occurred – which is pretty normal – but – then – a very drunk guy used some racial slurs against a non-drunk girl and it was pretty ugly. A word of advice to all who get close to the stage, it’s often crowded and people are on top of you – if you come up – expect it and deal with it in a polite way, even if others are not. It will make the evening better for everyone.

Gallery: Goes Cube at The Bellhouse 10/4/08

I had not seen Goes Cube before – they rocked! I also saw, Jared (now I’ll remember your name). Jared was in Man In Gray along with my friend Bryan Bruchman. I took a few photos of him in the audience but they all came out blurry 😦

u10.4.08 113

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Low at The Bell House 9/23/08

The audience at The Bell House for Low was impressive. They chatted away pre-show but once Low hit the stage, they were attentive and….quiet. They listened. Kudos for Low!

u9.23.08 114

u9.23.08 103

u9.23.08 088

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Gallery: The Bell House – Takka Takka, Robbers on High Street and Matt Pond P.AH

u9.18.08 067

I LOVE The Bell House! Located in Gowanus on 7th Street between 2nd an 3rd Aves it is THE closest music venue to where I live. I think it will be my new spot. It will be AMAZING to get home in half an hour. Also, the room and sound system are pretty great – and the stage is accessible from 3 sides – plenty of room to shoot). I had a BLAST there on opening night: my friend Bryan Bruchman was in from Portland and I met another fellow photog, Chris LaPutt, whom I’ve only known virtually. Also in attendance were my buds Ces and Jeff.

And now…on to the photos:

u9.13.08 145
Takka Takka
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u9.18.08 021
Robbers On High Street
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u9.18.08 134
Matt Pond P.A.
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