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Photo: Gray Skies

I have seen this sky for waaay to long 😦

Photo: Signs of Spring


Reflections 2008: Moon Shot

I shot this photo from my train station. I really liked the way the full moon looked and how it illuminated the surrounding clouds. Yet, I never thought it would actually work out considering all of the light pollution. I’m was pleased though and used it as the opening shot for a video of the band I was on my way to see that evening.


Tear Down That Scaffolding!

I truly hate scaffolding. The building where I work during the day has been surrounded by it for a year or two. It was awful. It made the block dark and crowded. I had begun too cross the street upon leaving my building so I could get a glimpse of the sky. Well, yesterday, they began to take it down and I could once again see the heavens. I immediately felt freer – lighter even.







_MG_0004 I took this photo back in November. It’s such a fall sky….and it’s already to feel like fall. I want more summer 😦