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Top 20 Search Terms in the Last 7 Days

u6.19.09 586

I’ve been really busy in the last week, here are the most popular search terms in the last 7 days:

richard lawson gawker
“richard lawson” gawker
lady gaga butterface
“drink up buttercup”
richard lawson
“kittens ablaze”
maryanne ventrice
questions about motherhood
gallery cock
“bear hands”
russo’s on the bay gallery
drink up butter cup
“drink up buttercup ”
drink up buttercup
cock gallery
artie lange book signing
passion pit 6/19/09
photography blog raleigh
gleason’s gym elke
maryanne from brooklyn

YAY for Drink Up Buttercup – one of my favorite bands (and really nice guys).

Poor Richard Lawson – does EVERYONE want to know what he looks like? For the record, he’s a nice guy too.

I love that people who are looking for porn find Cock Lorge via my blog – I do hope they give him a listen 🙂

Someone – probably someone creepy is looking for my cousin Elke.

Artie Lang and Marianne from Brooklyn are regular search term items for this blog.

Passion Pit, Bear Hands and Kittens Ablaze are all bands that I shot for the first time last week.

The others are random searches that led people to this blog – which is pretty cool 🙂