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Gallery: Park Slope

On my way to meet Jon, Jen and Ces for brunch at Magnolia, I took some test shots to see if my 18-55 would work well enough to be the lens I bring to Portland, OR. I think it will work.

6.28.09 004

6.28.09 007

6.28.09 016

6.28.09 015

To see complete set click here.

Francesco Marciuliano is a Winner in the Hot Blogger Calendar Contest


That’s right folks. Ces has placed 12th in the Hot Blogger Calendar contest and his photo shoot is this Sunday.

Now, let me say, Ces had no intention of entering this contest let alone actually earning a place as a finalist. The Comics Curmudgeon who was also nominated (and won) jokingly threw Ces’ name out there. Sara Benincasa did as well (as did I). Well, the people heeded the call and voted.

As a side note, Ces figured he had no chance against some of the other nominees but forgot that 12 months in the year meant there would be 12 winners. Ces actually finished 13th and felt comfortable and safe – then someone dropped out of the running and he was IN! (so, for those of you that don’t think the VP of the US is important – listen up – a runner up can slip in and be the winner!).