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I wrote this on the train after leaving Eric to go on a photo shoot. I considered rewriting it but these were my first feelings and so I left is as is.


When Eric told me that Pela would be no more I wanted to cry. I did not because I knew that he was upset enough and with better reason for it than me for it ended a dream for him. It ended a dream for me as well. I love these men as if they were my own flesh and blood and wanted this for them more than I could ever express. They deserved it – worked for it – sacrificed… It breaks my heart that I will no longer stand before a stage and photograph their magnificent performances – my boys. They are tried and true friends. No one has supported and pushed me more. Without them I would not have had the strength and courage to pursue my own dream. There will always be a hole in my heart where Pela lived. I mourn the loss.


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25 Favorite Photos January-June 2009

In chronological order:

Kevin Tor and Chris Sifflet and a pooch at Comix

u1.16.09 279
The Rosebuds at Bowery Ballroom – Christmas lights…..

Cock Lorge at Mercury Lounge – from my best set of CL photos

Santiago, Lady Lamb and the Bee Keeper and Dilly Dilly singing their rendition of “Say My Name” – Bryan and Jess’ birthday party at Space Gallery

Feel It Robot – Bryan and Jess’ birthday party at Space Gallery

Marie Stella at The Door Yard (I shot this while waiting out a snowstorm)

Holly Miranda at Mercury Lounge

Pela at Mercury Lounge (my all time faves)

u2.4.09 077
Isabella – St. Rose of Lima – Brooklyn, NY (she didn’t even flinch when the flash went off)

Brye and friends in her hallway somewhere in the vicinity of 4:00 am during her birthday party

Langhorne Slim at The Bell House (no comment – photo says it all)

The Wrens at The Bell House (I am so glad that I did not blow this shot)

Easter eggs (shot in my kitchen)

u2.4.09 101
North Folk, LI (shot while visiting wineries for Leonor’s 40th birthday bash)

Blackpool at Mercury Lounge ( it was so dark in there that night – it’s amazing that I got anything – I may have turned on the flash)

u4.26.09 020
mini burgers by Elon – they look delicious but I would not know… vegetarian… 🙂

The Dears at The Bell House

Le Switch at Castle Ivar (I really liked Aaron, he’s a great musician and fun to hang out with)

Afternoons at Castle Ivar (KiDROCKERS). This woman has the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. I’m glad I photographed her because if I had not seen her with my own eyes I would not have believed the voice actually came out of her.

Hollywood Blvd. (shot while walking with my friend Chris)

Change The Station at Public Assembly

Change The Station at Public Assembly – This is almost the shot that I have been trying to get of Ian for quite sometime.

James – undisclosed location in NYC 🙂

Drink Up Buttercup at Santos House Party – Michael never fails to impress me.

u6.19.09 601
Passion Pit at Bowery Ballroom

To see the set as a slide show click here

Gallery: PELA 5/11/09

PELA at Mercury Lounge for The Alternate Side Launch Party. I’m so glad that I got to see the boys perform…having missed their Stone Pony shows.




To see complete gallery click here

PELA on Tour This Week!


PELA are headed out on tour this week which will culminate in 2 SOLD OUT shows at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Unfortunately, I had some last minute change of plans and will not be able to join them when they take that legendary stage.

As always, I wish my dear friends a safe trip and a fantastic tour – I will miss you.

To Bob – take good photos!

05/06 – Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC
05/07 – Recher Theater Towson, Maryland
05/08 – The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ
05/09 – The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ

Photos: bandes dans le studio

I really enjoy visiting bands in their studios and photographing them. It’s always fun to have a private show as well 🙂


Change The Station

And Tonight At Geno’s in Portland, ME
Marie Stella

Galleries: PELA, Holly Miranda, Neckbeard Telecaster at Mercury Lounge 3/10/09

PELAkilled last night at their sold-out Mercury Lounge show! It will take me days to recover 🙂


To see complete gallery of PELA click here

Holly Miranda
To see more of Holly Miranda click here

Neckbeard Telecaster

Gallery is here

Gallery: Pela at Mercury Lounge 3/3/09


Pela was wonderful last night at Mercury Lounge even though there was some technical issues. There songs are always great and their energy…unstoppable. Thanks for the great show guys!

To see complete gallery on PrefixMag click here

Show: Pela at the Mercury Lounge 3/3/09

I’m so excited to see my boys next week at Mercury Lounge! It’s been awhile and I miss them like crazy. There will be new material and the last time I heard it – it was incredible. Get your tickets and come on out – I can PROMISE that it will be a spectacular evening 🙂
Get Your Tickets HERE

Get Your PELA On!! – Tickets On Sale Today!

Ticket for March 3rd and March 10th at the Mercury Lounge go on sale TODAY!

Always A Pleasure – Bands I Keep Shooting Year After Year

These are my tried and true. In no particular order (‘cept that Pela is really my fave).

u6.6.08 290

z5.23.08 179
Change The Station

u8.10.08 418
Cock Lorge

Shayna Ferm

u6.6.08 095
The Big Sleep

u5.16.08 232
Ten Minute Turns

u8.10.08 1158
Francis and The Lights

u10.22.08 122
Project Jenny/Project Jan

z12.5-6.08 356
The Party Faithful

u10.22.08 346

And, I cannot believe that I didn’t photograph Langhorne Slim and Tim Fite this year….Love them!

CMJ 2008 Wrap Up

I enjoyed CMJ quite a bit this year. I think it’s because I was able to spend some time with some pretty spectacular people.

u10.23.08A 127
Press and photographers upstairs at Pianos

Thanks especially to Bryan Bruchman. CMJ wouldn’t have been the same without you!
u10.21.08 282

New finds (they were sooooo good – you need to listen for yourselves):
Wye Oak
The Muslims

I wish I had seen more of this band and found out what they were going to do with all those pedals:
The Depreciation Guild

My favorites (always!)
Pela – They NEVER disappoint. Love these boys 🙂

Drink Up Buttercup – So much energy, so much fun!
Hopewell. Impressive – they played so loud I could hear them through the wall of the venue after I had turned the corner outside – YES!

These are some wonderful people that support Indie Music – check them out!

The Music Slut

Pop Tarts Sucked Toast
Matt from Ear Farm
Obsession Collection
Paolo from The Deli Magazine
Chris from The Battering Room
Jeramiah from StereoactiveNYC
Brooklyn Vegan
DJ Shannon from KEXP
Vince Keng (who takes tons of photos and video – but I cannot locate a web site for him)
Trupin Photography
This Side Up
Bob Sanderson
Serious Business Records
Dovecoat Records

And a special shout out to all the door guys that cracked up at my ziplock bag wallet 🙂

u10.21.08 378

Gallery: CMJ – Mercury Lounge 10/23/08 – Pela, Jukebox The Ghost and Frances

Last night I shot my boys for reals… for Prefix Magazine. It was a petty fantastic night and Pela simply exploded onstage and the crowd went wild!

zLRPela10.23.08B 228

To see full gallery click here

In the Gallery (all at Mercury Lounge):
Jukebox The Ghost