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Photos: St. Patrick’s Day 2010

I was only outside for about 10 minutes today and shot these on Avenue of The Americas. The two kids posed for this photo before I could adjust my settings from last night. The photo was totally blown out but I think the adjustments I made were silly enough to post here…



New View


I moved cubes at work this week and here is the new view. I don’t sit near the window so I don’t actually see anything. It’s so dark in my new space (that building blocks the light) that I had to get 2 lamps. It’s much better now 🙂


NYC Skyline

Bryan took me to some swanky party for some filmmakers….. I took these shots from the balcony.



View 2

Since I had my camera today (and my shoot got canceled) I took some more shots from the windows.








View from The Cutting Room


Many thanks to Conrad from…Trail of Dead for pointing this out. His comment: “Can’t we grow trees on ALL the buildings…” Lovely concept, isn’t is?

Gallery: Elon 8/15/09

Elon and I had a loooong photo shoot on Saturday 🙂

We started in the Financial district, made our way to Bed Sty and ended in Crown Heights. The photo above was our last part of the shoot. It was particularly pleasant because I was able to sit on the bench across from him. Ah, comfort.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Elon because without his prodding I never would have ventured into the world of promotional photography. Thanks, buddy!

To see more shots from that afternoon click here.

Subway Story 7/21/09

On my way home this evening, the guy seated nest to me kept nodding off and slipping onto my shoulder. He was apologetic and so I really didn’t mind. Then he got off and the guy that was seated in front of me (I was seated by the window in one of those two-seater thingys) moved over to sit next to me… and proceeded to start nodding off and slipping onto my shoulder. I began to think it was me and that somehow I was the unwitting distributor of some sort of sleep aid. Oh, by the way, this all happened before 6pm. New York City must party hard on Monday nights 🙂

Gallery: Clouds 6.26.09

When I got off the train this evening in mid-town, the light was very odd…then I looked up. Creepy and breath taking.

u6.26.09 013

u6.26.09 019

u6.26.09 026

To see complete gallery click here.

Photo: Gray Skies

I have seen this sky for waaay to long 😦

Photo: Brand New F Train!

(shot with my blackberry – even though I had all of my camera equipment)

I rode on a brand new train on the F line last night on my wat out and was pretty much pleased with the experience. Apparently they have not worked out the kinks of the new cars…here were some comments:

Brye: I rode one today too! But it was running on the G track.
Dru: I was on one and as we were approaching 47th Street, the train said “next stop W. 8th Street”.
John: Really!!?? But will it run on time?

Well, on the way home I rode one as well. I waited for a LONG time and the train was super crowded – so – it was not as much fun but I’m feeling good that my line has FINALLY gotten some new trains – those yellow and orange seats have seen better days 🙂

Video: MOMA – Pipliotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters)

Photo: Rockefeller Center Tree

in the snow…shot the afternoon of 12/19/08 on my way to the Coach Store. Hope you enjoy it 🙂