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Photo: Signs of Spring


Photos: Los Dados 3/28/09

Dinner with friends – – I swear – we had FUN!!!

x2.4.09 003
x2.4.09 004
x2.4.09 005
x2.4.09 006

Gallery: Brye and David’s birthday bash

Birthday Ho Down!
David and Brye


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New Year’s Resolution: The Crazy Makers

So, 9 days into the new year – I’ve committed to a New Year’s resolution (even though I told Liam on New Year’s Eve that I had none). Now, none of the people in the photos fit the description – they just have kooky expressions that seem ‘crazy’. They are actually just being silly.

g12.5-6.08 175

I have been kicking this idea around for awhile, yet could not be clear on it. Then, over, the holiday break I saw some bad movie that I don’t even know the name of an there was an entire sequence about a girl describing a ‘crazy maker’ what a friend of mine calls a ‘joy stealer’.


People that make you crazy and drain you of any happiness you might have had. Well, my resolution is: NO MORE CRAZY MAKERS!

Now, that does not mean that I don’t enjoy a crazy person – after all I am a crazy person and know and love many crazy people. However, those people make my life full of joy – and I love them – you know who you are 🙂


uu11.20.08 607


Gallery: Christmas 2008

with my family………..

xpty 002

xpty 008

xpty 069

xpty 118

xpty 183

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Holy Cow! 3.8!

I’m so proud of Kristin – in her very first semester at college earned a 3.8 GPA!
Brooklyn, NY - Christmas ~1994
Kristin (at 4 or 5 years old)

Always A Pleasure – Bands I Keep Shooting Year After Year

These are my tried and true. In no particular order (‘cept that Pela is really my fave).

u6.6.08 290

z5.23.08 179
Change The Station

u8.10.08 418
Cock Lorge

Shayna Ferm

u6.6.08 095
The Big Sleep

u5.16.08 232
Ten Minute Turns

u8.10.08 1158
Francis and The Lights

u10.22.08 122
Project Jenny/Project Jan

z12.5-6.08 356
The Party Faithful

u10.22.08 346

And, I cannot believe that I didn’t photograph Langhorne Slim and Tim Fite this year….Love them!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best this holiday season!

Video: Grinch!

One of my neighbors has this in front of their house – which I pass every evening on my way home. This thing gives me the creeps BIG time.

Reflections 2008: Pets

Often, when I’m visiting friends, I photograph their pets…I also photograph mine quite often. So, here they are:
u4thofJuly 006

11.20.08 029

u4thofJuly 058


This is not actually a pet…this bird landed on the scaffolding that was outside of my office. It just at there and I took some photos with my cell phone.

Christmas Day 2006

ujuly5th 016



Reflections 2008: Moon Shot

I shot this photo from my train station. I really liked the way the full moon looked and how it illuminated the surrounding clouds. Yet, I never thought it would actually work out considering all of the light pollution. I’m was pleased though and used it as the opening shot for a video of the band I was on my way to see that evening.


Galleries: Parties!

Last week I went to two parties a swanky one and a housewarming. Shot with different cameras yet, the light is similar 🙂
There are two separate links (one for each)

u12.5-6.08 040
p12.5-6.08 003
u12.5-6.08 020
p12.5-6.08 012

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u12.5-6.08 009
u12.5-6.08 002
To see complete set of photos click here