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Gallery: Adult Education 12/17/08

at Union Hall. Adult Education is a monthly series of useless lectures that are quite entertaining, It’s a show that I truly enjoy. This month’s theme was “Misspent Youth” and featured:
“The Original Orgy”
Francesco Marciuliano connects the dots between 151 naked people, six dogs, and one childhood. (His own.)
uAdultEd 038

“Please Don’t Let It Be My Turn Next: Oral Reports From the 1980s”
Andrew Hearst revives several vintage speeches he once delivered in English class, including a celebration of his family’s first personal computer, the legendary Radio Shack TRS-80.
uAdultEd 078

“This Is Eternal Life in Paradise”
Kyria Abrahams, author of the upcoming memoir I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed: Tales From A Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing, welcomes you to your amazing new life after the Great War of Armageddon.
uAdultEd 062

“My Oldest Surviving Mix Tape: A Critical Appraisal”
Erik Seims analyzes his musical choices, life choices, and hair choices from 1986 to 1988, through the prism of stuff he taped off the radio.
uAdultEd 068

Hosted by Charles Star.
uAdultEd 021

*performance synopsis are from http://adult-ed.net/

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