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How I Started CMJ ’09

When I turned on my laptop this morning, it was on battery power only even though it was plugged in. So, in my life’s true fashion, I started CMJ with a trip to Best Buy to purchase a new power cord – what a nightmare. However I did manage to take this photo with my blackberry while waitng for the F train and at least I picked up my badge before going to 2 Best Buys to get the correct cord.


Photo: Brand New F Train!

(shot with my blackberry – even though I had all of my camera equipment)

I rode on a brand new train on the F line last night on my wat out and was pretty much pleased with the experience. Apparently they have not worked out the kinks of the new cars…here were some comments:

Brye: I rode one today too! But it was running on the G track.
Dru: I was on one and as we were approaching 47th Street, the train said “next stop W. 8th Street”.
John: Really!!?? But will it run on time?

Well, on the way home I rode one as well. I waited for a LONG time and the train was super crowded – so – it was not as much fun but I’m feeling good that my line has FINALLY gotten some new trains – those yellow and orange seats have seen better days 🙂


Shot from the F train while leaving the Smith-9th Street station
I think the roof collapsed but am unsure….anyone?