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Gallery: New Year’s Eve

I spent New Year’s Eve at my friends Mike and Bricken’s. I had a really wonderful time – saw some old friends, met some new folks and enjoyed everyone’s company.

uNYEve 039

uNYEve 016

uNYEve 025

uNYEve 038

uNYEve 023

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Reflections 2008: Pets

Often, when I’m visiting friends, I photograph their pets…I also photograph mine quite often. So, here they are:
u4thofJuly 006

11.20.08 029

u4thofJuly 058


This is not actually a pet…this bird landed on the scaffolding that was outside of my office. It just at there and I took some photos with my cell phone.

Christmas Day 2006

ujuly5th 016



Reflections 2008: Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for my birthday party which was held in Red Hook in July. Aren’t they lovely? Well, I happened to have been on Jury Duty the day of the party. It sure was a hot one! I lugged the cupcakes on the subway and to the court house – where I had to place them on the conveyor belt through the scanner…and house them in the jury room all day until we were released from trial that day.

u28mm 019

Then, back on the subway to head out to Red Hook. By the time I made it…that beautiful frosting MELTED! Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, everyone ate the cupcakes anyway. At least I had this before photo to remember that they were – at one time – pretty.

Relections 2008: Nada Surf

Ok, it’s that time of year when we all compile our lists. I started with my new band list but this year I’m going to include some highly viewed photos and maybe one or two others that are particularly meaningful to me. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

u119.08 007

u119.08 331

Nada Surf at the Kidrockers show. This was a pretty spectacular afternoon. The Living Room was packed and everyone was really into the swing of it when Nada Surf hit the stage. They were really great with the kids as well. I’ve often said that this is my favorite project (as those of you who know me well can attest – I’ve gone home early many Saturday nights because I have a KiDROCKERS! show the next day). It’ such a great concept and Beth books some terrific talent.

Gallery: The Dead River Company

The Dead River Company 11/22/08 – 14th Street/Union Square. On my way home from the Music Hall of Williamsburg, I heard this band playing on the platform…

z11.22.08 412

they sounded so fun that I went and searched for them on the platform. WOW! They have french horn, washboard and mandolin (plus some ‘regular’ instruments)….and people were dancing on the platform.

z11.22.08 405

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Upcoming Events! December 2008

I’ve got some friends with shows coming up in December! Check them out if you can 🙂

u10.11.08 001

December 1st:
Tell Your Friends @ Lolita Bar

December 2nd:
Peasant @ Public Assembly

December 4th
Sweet Paprika @ D-Lounge

December 5th:
Thank Cock It’s Friday @ Pianos
O’Death and Wye Oak @ The Bowery Ballroom
Matt Jones @ Think Coffee

December 6th:
Lil Seany Boy Show @ Ochi’s Loung
Family Hour With Auntie Sara @ Ochi’s Lounge
The Party Faithfull @ The Delancey

December 9th:
Auction! @ Ochi’s Lounge
Fish & Chips @ Ochi’s Lounge
December 12th
TAKKA TAKKA and also ALINA SIMONE @ The Bell House
Locksley (with Ray Davies!) @ The Hammerstein Ballroom

December 13th:
Drink Up Buttercup @ Cake Shop

December 14th:
Drink Up Buttercup @ Union Hall

December 17th:
Adult Education @ Union Hall CES IS ON THIS SHOW!!!!
Up The Empire @ Mercury Lounge

December 19th:
Project Jenny/Project Jan @ JezebelMusic Annual Benefit Show – Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Party ’til you drop!
u9.5.08 498

If I have forgotten anyone – forgive me – you know I love you but am old and forgetful 😦

Gallery: Feel It Robot

This is the last set of photos from Space Gallery in Portland, ME (11/20/08). Feel It Robot was so much fun and so visually interesting that they required their own post. I really want to compliment the fine folks in Portland, they sure know how to have a good time.

z11.20.08 302

z11.20.08 333

z11.20.08 278

z11.20.08 379

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Galleries: Openers NYC and Portland, ME

Here are a few galleries of some pretty neat opening bands from the last few shows I attended!

Electric Owls at The Williamsburg Hall of Music
u11.22.08 019
To see more photos click here

And, at Space Gallery in Portland, ME (this was a wonderful space, where I met fabulous people – thanks Bryan and Mary!)

Jerk Off Jack Off Frig Face
u11.20.08 139
To see more photos click here

Miss Amanda Jones
z11.20.08 091
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving!

Gallery: KiDROCKERS! 11/23/08

Fall Rock Festival @ 92Y Tribeca featuring Locksley, Bishop Allen, Chris Barron and the Time Bandits. As always, hosted by Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo.

u11.23.08 629

u11.23.08 124

u11.23.08 215
Bishop Allen

u11.23.08 548
Chris Barron and The Time Bandits

u11.23.08 069
Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo

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Coming Up!

I’m going to be away for a bit – doing these things (and then I will have lots of photos). You should come out and join me!





Gallery: FAKEsgiving

u11.14.08CTS 007

My dear friend Chris invited me to a very fun party last night – and – there was stuffing – YUM!

u11.14.08CTS 012

u11.14.08CTS 028

u11.14.08CTS 076

u11.14.08CTS 036

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