Actions speak louder than words.

z11.7.08 246*

I don’t really know how things in my like came to this. When did it become ok for a man to scream at me on the street (as well as cyber and physical stalking) or push my head back as far as it could go or jam his tongue, uninvited, into my mouth? By the way, these are all different men. I spend quite a lot of time around men and they are mostly just fine – respectful and friendly. Perhaps it has made me too relaxed because I never seen it coming. These are not the actions of friends and they are not because you are ‘rusty’ at affection – none of these are friendly or affectionate acts. They are abusive. So, I’d just like to say – keep you mean words, hands, etc. to yourselves.

*I don’t know the people in this photo – I don’t think their fight was serious.


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