January-June – 20 Photos

I can’t believe that half the year is over. It’s been a good 6 months for me – I’ve had some really positive changes in my like and am hoping that the next 6 months will be smooth sailing…

Here’s some photos to sum up some of my favorite shows. They are in no particular order.kidrockers-3947
Diiv – Kidrockers – Brooklyn Bowl. This was one of my favorite Kidrockers moments. When Zachary turned around on stage and played for the kids, I knew that Brooklyn Bowl would be the perfect new home for the series.

Esben and The Witch – Knitting Factory – great, great live band.

Goat – MHOW – I don’t think I can describe the viual/audio experience – sorry.

Youth Lagoon, Bell House – He’s a nightmare to photograph but I love his music so much that I continue to try.

Leslie Goshko – Sideshow Goshko 4 Year anniversary at KGB Bar. Always a pleasure to shoot her story telling series.

Bear in Heaven – sans fog at Bowery Ballroom. Ah, you can SEE them (they always sound good)!

Majical Cloudz – Von – Holy shit, these guys are amazing. I think I shot them 3 times in less than 6 months (and I went to their record release but didn’t shoot).

Radical Dads – Glasslands – Meant to see them for a long time – didn’t know what I had been missing – so good.

Heliotropes – Southstreet Seaport – I love this band – great music and great performances.

Daughter – Bowery Balloom – I was priviledged to see this band at a small venue during CMJ – so much beauty.

Ex-Cult – Beekman Beer Garden – the photo says it all….

Holly Miranda – Glasslands – I hadn’t seen her perform in a while – she is always amazing (how could I forget?)

Brendon and Toby at the opening of Translations at Fort Useless.

Solange at McCarren Park – honestly one of the best pit experiences I’ve ever had.

Mosh pit during Bass Drum of Death – Southstreet Seaport – I like mosh pits when there is a fence between them and me.

Hunters – Southstreet Seaport – Whip that hair, girl!

Oberhofer – Glasslands – one of my all time favorite performers.

Fear of Men – Southstreet Seaport – I just love this shot of her – wasn’t sure I would be able to capture her energy.

Purity Ring – Webster Hall – vidication after the dark lighting of LRP – I love everythihng about this band.

Swans – Warsaw – That kick eluded me at Bowery Ballroom – had to go back out and get it.


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