Kidrockers at Living Room on Ludlow Street

In December of 2007 we brought the Kidrockers series to the Living Room on Ludlow Street and it remained our NYC home through 2011. The news that they closing that location (and hopefully fingind a new one) made me want to take a walk down memory lane with some special moments I had there.

Members of Locksley, Seth Herzog, Craig Baldo and Birthday boy Bryant with his family.

Members of the Hold Steady (2/10/08)

A5.18.08 056
Big Kid – Craig Baldo fires them up (5/18/08)

u5.18.08 090
My dear friends, Pela, perform (5/18/12

ukidrockers1.11.09 428
Fun afternoon for so many little ones (1/11/09)

Drink Up Buttercup plays in the audience and the kids go onstage (2/8/09)

Alberta Cross — these kids were weaing in and out of his legs while he played. (3/8/09)

The Shackeltons bring the party (5/18/09)

Neon Indian (10/25/09)

Beach Fossils (3/7/10)

Eternal Summers, Big Trouble mash up with the Kidrockers team (10/24/10)

Oberhofer, BRAHMS and the Kidrockers team (1/9/11)

Jamaica ((4/16/11)

Our only official CMJ show with Datarock (10/22/11)


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