Gallery: Sideshow Goshko 7/20/12

Another great show at KGB Bar, hosted by Leslie Goshko.

Leslie Goshko

Joey Novick (MTV, Comedy Central) told his tale of how he, a comedian, was elected to public office by following the rules of improve…yes, and…

Dana Rossi (host of The Soundtrack Series, essayist of Madonna and Me) gave us a rip-roaring story about how she became comfortable enough to pee in public.

David Crabb (host of Ask Me Stories) His story from his youthful friendship filled with earnest and how things change when you meat those people as adults. He was lucky enough for a second meeting to occur where he was able to glimpse the youth he once knew.

Diana Spechler (author of Skinny and Who By Fire) gave us a story about hanging out with her neighbor and why that was probably…definitely, not a good idea.

music by Dr. Leona Godin


To see full gallery click here.


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