Gallery: Veronica Falls, Brilliant Colors, Grooms

n my never ending attempt to shoot bands that I have not seen before continues with Veronica Falls at Music Hall of Williamsburg (2/9/12). I arrived early that evening as my cell phone was nearly dead and I would not know what time it was… While waiting I was able to glimpse sound check and have a better strategy for shooting.
Shortly before doors, Amanda arrived. It’s always so much better when I’m shooting with friends. We set up fairly close to stage right which worked but the lighting during Veronica Falls was pretty harsh.


Veronica Falls sounded really great and even though the light was harsh it was a fun shoot. Prior to them hitting the stage, Dominick arrived. It’s always a pleasure to have him next to me while shooting.

Up next was Brilliant Colors, whom I’ve never seen before. They have a nice poppy quality and their front lady shakes her hair which is always fun to shoot.


Grooms opened the night. I really like them and have been shooting them since they were the Muggabears. This was a bit of a subdued performance but the news songs are really good.

To see complete gallery on Prefix click here.


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