Gallery: Asobi Seksu, White Birds, Lonely Dear

Brooklyn Bowl is a very strange place to me. I always feel like I’ve left NY and entered into a Twin Peaks set. The idea that people are bowling and there is a stage, audience and a band playing all in the same room is very weird.

I arrived around 7pm so I would have some time to catch up with James, Farzad, Mike and Chris, who are dear friends of mine. It’s always a treat for me to spend time with them and I don’t get to do it often enough. I also chatted with Matt who was on this tour with them and wrote about his experiences. It was always good to see Kelly, Madeline and Simon as well. I had good conversations with each of you.

They had a bunch of sound issues that plagued them through their set but the audience thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

Asobi Seksu headlined the evening and had a stellar set. They used strobe lights quite a bit and so I abandoned shooting about a third way through their energetic performance.

Lonely Dear opened the night with an interesting set full of looping and various sounds — including having the audience sustain notes during certain songs. I enjoyed being surrounded by all of that sound.

To see complete gallery on Prefix click here.


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