Gallery: Sideshow Goshko! 9/29/11

One of my favorite ladies, Leslie Goshko’s monthly storytelling show at KBG Bar.


Music provided by the lovely Michelle-Leona Godin

This Month:
Nisse Greenberg explained why spending an afternoon at Golden Gate Park with a guy on acid, a lady with whiskers, a woman with one breast markedly larger than the other and total stranger is better than working for Wells Fargo (I think it was Wells Fargo – does it really matter? You get the point).

Rob Latham regaled us with a multimedia story about how he got banned from CNN’s Talk Back show (while he was on his cake route).

Leslie told us about her secret Asian heritage – which she doesn’t actually have and how a former school mate / stalker renamed her Ling, took random photos of her which wound up in a Calvinist toddler book, and gave her the gift of her severed head in a box (just a drawing of her head actually).

Cammi Climaco explained why PS1 is the most terrifying place in New York (my interpretation as that place overwhelmed me during Warm-Up). actually, her story was about how depression can be lifted through a series of odd events such as having a friend who abandoned her pink and orange panties in the bathroom and hours later someone threw them out of the window and they just happened to land at their feet. It’s the little things people.

To see complete gallery click here.


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