Gallery: Pow Wow!, Weird Children, Crazy Pills, El Jezel

Last Saturday night at Cake Shop was like a family reunion – you know just about everyone and haven’t seen them all in one place for awhile. The air conditioner was broken downstairs in the music room and is was one of the sweatiest shows I’ve ever attended. You could feel the change in the atmosphere the moment you started to walk down the stairs.

Pow Wow! was amazing as usual

Weird Children are so energetic and the members of Clouder that lined the front of the stage made for a riotous set.

Special shout out to Jim – one o the few drummers that dance…

This was the first time that I saw Crazy Pills and they had a killer set.

My very dear friends George and Jess along with Dan opened the evening with a rockin’ set that quickly raised the temperature of the room. They are always so good.

Family photos…

To see complete set on Impose click here.


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  1. I dont disagree with this post!!

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