Gallery: Deerhunter, Eleanor Friedberger at Webster Hall 8/22/11


On Tuesday afternoon, we felt the after effects of an earthquake that hit Virginia. I was at my day job, the building shook enough that we could see the light fixtures sway. My daughter felt it all the way in Buffalo – scary stuff. However, this did not deter me from heading out to Webster Hall that evening to see Deerhunter and Eleanor Friedberger. Fortunately, I met up with fellow photog, Jess Amaya and her husband Alberto (who is the only guy I’ve ever met that an hold a spot at a concert). There was no photo pit that night – not that the photo pit at Webster Hall is ever all that useful – it barely exists…

So we created a little pit of our own switching spots so we could shoot. Eleanor Friedberger opened the show and was wonderful. Deerhunter was incredible. Head over to NYC Taper to listen to the recordings. I only shot the first few songs and didn’t manage to make it through the set as I was zonked and had to work in the morning.


To see complete gallery on Prefix click here.


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