Gallery: Solange, Blood Orange, Pictureplane, Grimes

Saturday, 8/20/11 at MoMa PS1 Warm Up. It was a fairly hot day on Saturday but at least I was in the shade. About 15 minutes before the DJ’s opened the show, Devyn showed up with some of her friends – it was good to have some company on the steps. Grimes opened the show with her sweet voice which actually drew a few kids up the stairs to the stage. This is how I got my favorite photo of the day:


I love how she was wiping the bubbles off her arm.


Up next was Pictureplane – This made people crazy. Two women crawled up the steps (drinks in hand) and literally sat between my legs under me while I was standing. I had to move one off of my camera bag (it was easy, she was toasted).

Blood Orange closed the live performances with an emotional, electrifying set. I think I saw Simon walk out of the door adjacent to the stage at this point but it could have been anyone. The traffic that moved past the stage was very distracting. It drove me nuts.


He sang one song with Solange — which was wonderful. We thought she was doing an actual set – she only DJ’d after him — so — this was it

Then he went out into the audience – I love that.

I took some shots of Solange’s DJ set – just because.

Then I started to shake from dehydration. I made my way down the stairs and through the gyrating crowd bouncing off of them and whispering apologies for I barley had a voice…I was so in need of water. There was no way I cross the crowd could wait to buy a ticket only to cross back and pick up the water so I wandered out of PS1 to the deli across the street and drank the precious clear liquid. Then I took the train back to Brooklyn.

To see the complete set of photos on Prefix click here.


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