Once again, I contemplate human nature and friendship


I work with a lot of people in various manners. Often with the same ones over and over. As time passes eventually one reveals themselves. It never ceases to amaze me that their are people that are very good at taking and pretty bad at giving.

The most amazing part is that they have no realization that they are doing it. They actually believe that they are doing you a favor by using you – that it somehow is good for you — that they’ve taken from you. They make it up to you by treating you like crap – like an outsider who shouldn’t encroach on their coolness.

Years ago, I would have thought that I deserved this type of treatment and took it on a regular basis but not these days. It’s not that I feel a need to get even, I just don’t want to be around them and their energy. There are so many other warm, kind people for me to be around and it’s them that I seek out.


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