Gallery: 4Knots Festival – July 16th


Although I started the day with train delays and rerouting nightmares it was a fun time. It’s always good to shoot with some of your favorite photogs and meet a few new ones as well. Thanks to Amanda for the sunscreen, Chris for letting me sit on his stool (and watch his gear), and Dave for giving me the birthday gift of shooting the show for Prefix.

The plan to shoot some of the DJ sets was abandoned after a trip over to the indoor lounge to shoot BRAHMS and discovering that not only were they too far away to photograph but they were in virtual darkness as well (sorry, Cale). Though, I must admit that not having to run back and forth made the day easier.

There were 6 bands playing, Mr. Dream, Eleanor Friedberger, Oberhofer, Davila 666, Titus Andronicus, The Black Angels, each having quite different sounds and stage presence. The crowd surfing during Davilla 666 and Titus were really the best parts to shoot. After awhile, they were all I really wanted to shoot. During Oberhofers set, I noticed that the sound guys were dancing along – such a pleasure to see Brad grow into the dynamic performer that I saw on Saturday.

To see the complete gallery on Prefix click here.


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