10 Photos – January-June

These are some stand-out moments for me from the first 6 months of 2011.

Gold Streets at Fort Useless. I really love it when musicians break down the barrier and wander into the audience while playing. I’ve always enjoyed the aspect of art that opens people.

JPK let me get really close to his face and flash him with a bright light. He has so much patience….

Caithlin DeMarrais at Littlefield. It was such a pleasure to see Caithlin perform – one of my favorite voices.

We Are Augustines at B61. Bill always gives everything he has. This was an intense, warm and magnetic performance.

Wye Oak at Bowery Ballroom. It always makes me smile when I see images of Jen playing guitar and swinging her golden locks. She’s a fierce front woman that doesn’t lose her gentle nature.

Clouder at Fort Useless. This was insane. The photo is only the side of the venue near the stage because I, literally could not turn around (I risked being knocked in the back of the head with a mike stand). There have never been so many people in Fort Useless. It was awesome – and terrifying.

Lisa’s legs at Shea Stadium – yeow!!

Julia’s first birthday. This is my goddaughter – she’s kinda fearless.

Mark, Justin and Sal on the bench outside of Spike Hill. I shot this on the last day of Northside Festival. Everyone was zonked – including me. I’m not sure how I was still standing at this point – I did spend quite some time sitting on that bench later on in the afternoon.

Nate (Thieving Irons) What a wonderful evening. It’s always a pleasure to see my dear friend Nate play. The new songs are gorgeous.


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