I guess it’s because I saw so many people this weekend that I’ve gotten to thinking about the nature of friendship. This past weekend I saw good friends, acquaintances, colleagues and people I’m not sure if I want to know. It’s odd how someone can move into a new category in an instant. Some who were colleagues I now count as friends and some that were acquaintances I may not want to know anymore.

It’s all about honesty for me – friendship – that is. Dishonesty cuts me like a knife. I can take just about anything – as most children of alcoholics there isn’t much that I haven’t seen so I have a great deal of tolerance for bad behavior. I know, to my core, that people can be cruel, make terrible mistakes and need forgiveness. How does one forgive the dishonest? It’s always been a tough one for me – it’s the crux of all relationships.

I’ve worked hard at being open and letting love flow through me and I guess I still need to work more – to stay open to those who are not/cannot/ will not be honest with me is hard. I want to shut them out and stay away from them yet there is a part of me that thinks it’s more important to let those people in – they need it more. Perhaps I am foolish. Time will tell.


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