Roots of Friendship Run Deep


As I sit here and listen to Rise Ye Sunken Ships by my dear friends, We Are Augustines and peruse the lyrics on their web site I can’t help but be brought back to a little over 6 years ago when I first met Bill and Eric. My friendship with Bill – which is probably the most important one of my life – began with him and me discussing his lyrics. They are visual — so I can see them and they have a tremendous emotional impact on me. Over the years, these are some that have stayed with me.

You trade places with the shadows on the floor – The Trouble with River Cities

Dashboard Jesus in a taxi cab, Never heard a word the driver said, Cause things only sink in so deeply, and its too late to be to late – Driftwood Days

You got a fragile face in a public place – Song Writes Itself

Well why don’t you leave? Cause it’s all I’ll ever have – No Doves…Just Pigeons

Hold it up to your eyes, See how it’s scratched on the inside – All In Time

The years are shrieking in my mind. And our ears are ringing all in time – All In Time

You got a small town stare like a signal flare – Waiting On the Stairs

Walked around a rainy city came up to a door and an old front porch that don’t know me anymore – Anna and the trail of glass

I ain’t gonna wait around for some pill to kick in, I’m gonna wait around for a pill to kick in – Headlong Into the Abyss

Don’t know my father’s last name. Its his blood that’s in my veins – Folsom Prison Blues

Episode three was you and me standing in the middle of some street. In a ghost town that we both found telling each other to leave – Episodes

But I can tell by your face we don’t fit in this place and you knew all along – Rooftops

And, yeah there’s an undertow but it ain’t got me – The Trouble with Rive Cities

I don’t wanna be another scar on the bar stool – East Los Angeles

I’ve got a pocket full of handshakes – Chapel Song

Hat in my hand, at the bottom of the ocean – Book of James


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