Gallery: 50 First Jokes 2010

On Tuesday, 1/5/10, the 4th annual50 First Jokes was held at The Studio at Webster Hall. 50 First Jokes was conceived, produced and hosted by: Claudia Cogan, John F. O’Donnell and Jiwon Lee. This is the 3rd year that I have shot the event in which each of the comics must tell the first joke they have written that year. Coincidentally, this was the first show I shot this year. This is always a fun evening.











I think my favorite first joke was Michael Racine’s on being poor – I think it’s unfair that people that can afford cabs be allowed to be on a game show to win cash when they can already afford the cab fare (that’s not his actual words – just my synopsis)

To see complete gallery click here.


3 responses to “Gallery: 50 First Jokes 2010

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  3. I’m sure Racine didn’t steal the Cash Cab joke, but he should know that he didn’t get there first:

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