I wrote this on the train after leaving Eric to go on a photo shoot. I considered rewriting it but these were my first feelings and so I left is as is.


When Eric told me that Pela would be no more I wanted to cry. I did not because I knew that he was upset enough and with better reason for it than me for it ended a dream for him. It ended a dream for me as well. I love these men as if they were my own flesh and blood and wanted this for them more than I could ever express. They deserved it – worked for it – sacrificed… It breaks my heart that I will no longer stand before a stage and photograph their magnificent performances – my boys. They are tried and true friends. No one has supported and pushed me more. Without them I would not have had the strength and courage to pursue my own dream. There will always be a hole in my heart where Pela lived. I mourn the loss.


To see my collection of years worth of PELA photos click here.

Click here to read Pela’s letter.


3 responses to “PELA

  1. oh no! I know how much you loved these guys.

  2. Thanks, Dru.

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